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Evaluating the efficacy of selenium-enriched yeast and sodium selenite on tissue selenium retention and serum glutathione peroxidase activity in grower and finisher swine.
Effects of dietary levels of selenium-enriched yeast and sodium selenite as selenium sources fed to growing-finishing pigs on performance, tissue selenium, serum glutathione peroxidase activity, carcass characteristics, and loin quality.
Back in 1983, a group of researchers began a human study to examine the effects of selenium-enriched yeast on skin cancer.
One form of selenium that has received relatively little attention is selenium-enriched yeast, obtained from high-selenium brewer's yeast.
The ongoing GRASS trial (GRAves' disease Selenium Supplementation trial) enrolled 492 patients with Graves' hyperthyroidism, treated with antithyroid drugs, which were randomized to intervention with 200 [micro]g/day of selenium-enriched yeast versus placebo for 24 to 30 months.
Aguilar, et al, "Selenium-Enriched Yeast as Source for Selenium Added for Nutrition Purposes in Foods for Particular Uses and Foods (including food supplements) for the General Population," EFSA Journal 766, 1-42 (2008).
These conclusions relate only to selenium-enriched yeasts produced in compliance with the product characteristics described in the Opinion: "Selenium-enriched yeasts produced by culture in the presence of sodium selenite as the selenium source and containing, in the dried form as marketed, not more than 2.5 mg Se/g.
Selenium was added in the form of sodium selenite, selenium-enriched yeast, or selenomethionine.
In fact, our data are in agreement with these findings concerning selenium-enriched yeast application because the content of selenium in the liver of birds receiving diets with Se-Yeast was significantly higher (P < 0.05) when compared to the control and Na-selenite groups of animals; however, unexpectedly, no statistical differences were stated between the control and Na-selenite groups.
Effects of high dietary levels of selenium-enriched yeast and sodium selenite on macro and micro mineral metabolism in grower-finisher swine.
Selenium concentrations in selenium-enriched yeast, selenium- enriched bean sprout and dietary treatments Items Selenium (mg/kg) Selenium-enriched yeast 2,117.08 Selenium-enriched bean sprout 223.45 Control diet 0.40 Control diet plus 0.3 mg Se/kg from sodium selenite 0.78 Control diet plus 0.3 mg Se/kg from selenium yeast 0.72 Control diet plus 0.3 mg Se/kg from selenium bean 0.82 sprout Table 3.
The tolerance of ruminant animals (dairy cattle, beef cattle, calves and lambs) to a high dose of a selenium-enriched yeast was at least 20 times the maximum permitted within the United States (0.30 mg/kg of DM) (Juniper et al., 2008).