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SASan Antonio
SASystem Administrator
SASociété Anonyme (French company designation)
SASociedad Anónima (Spanish company designation)
SASociedade Anónima (Portuguese company designation)
SASine Anno (Latin: Without Date)
SASpecial Agent
SASecurity Association (IPSec)
SASouth Africa
SASave (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
SASingle Action (revolver)
SASouth America
SASituation(al) Awareness
SASecurity Architecture
SASan Andreas (video game)
SAScientific American
SASmall Arms
SASurface Area
SAService Application
SASaudi Arabia
SASecurity Administration
SAService Area
SAScientific-Atlanta (US satellite communications company)
SASecurity Awareness
SASource Address (IEEE 802.3)
SASomething Awful (humor webpage)
SASystem Administration
SASwiss Army
SASelf Assessment
SASanta Ana (California)
SASystem Analysis
SASarajevo (auto registration for Sarajevo, Bosnia)
SASex Appeal
SAShare Alike (Creative Commons License)
SASelf-Assessment (UK tax returns)
SASalvation Army
SASouth African Airways (IATA airline code)
SASonic Adventure (game)
SASocial Anxiety
SAshort answer
SASystems Analysis
SASee Also
SASexual Assault
SASalta (Argentina province)
SAService Agent
SASwansea (postal code for Swansea, Wales)
SASay Again (logging abbreviation)
SASocial Accountability
SASanofi Aventis (pharmaceutical company)
SASales Associate (real estate)
SAServer Administrator
SASenior Advisor
SASustainability Appraisal
SASoil Association
SASpecial A (Manga)
SASoftware Architecture
SASingle Adult
SASystem Architecture
SASelective Availability (GPS)
SASafety Analysis
SASon Altesse (French: His/Her Highness)
SASonata Arctica (band)
SASexually Active
SASecurity Assistance
SASmart Ass
SASleep Apnea
SASafety Assessment
SAService Availability
SASeasonally Adjusted
SASouth Atlantic
SAService Assistant
SASale Agreement
SASample Analysis
SASneak Attack (gaming)
SASolutions Architect
SASituational Awareness
SASeparation Anxiety (psychology)
SAService Advisor
SAScout Association
SAService Assurance
SASociedade Anônima (Corporation; Brazil)
SASupply Air (HVAC)
SAService Appointment
SASinoatrial (medical)
SASemiautomatic (welding)
SASimulated Annealing
SASonic Advance (video game)
SASocial Actions
SASamus Aran (Metroid character)
SASecret Admirer
SASchool Action (UK)
SASecurity Authority
SASigma Alpha (sorority)
SASolar Array
SAScientific Advisor
SASecretary of the Army
SAScrewAttack (gaming)
SASamtök Atvinnulífsins (Iceland)
SASalerno, Campania (Italian province)
SASituational Analysis
SASide Angle (geometry)
SASingle Access
SASystem Assessment
SASource-Active (Cisco)
SASmart Alec
SAServices Administrator (IRC operator)
SASite Acquisition
SASinus Arrhythmia
SASimulation and Analysis
SASingle Aisle (aircraft)
SASignificant Accomplishments
SAShort Abstract (abstracting & indexing)
SASituation Assessment
SASahitya Akademi (National Academy of Letters; India)
SASyndrome d'Asperger (French: Asperger syndrome)
SAShadow Assassins (gaming clan)
SASeaman Apprentice
SASound Attenuation
SASignature Analysis
SASingle Award
SASieve Analysis
SASense Amplifier
SASexaholics Anonymous, Inc.
SAServices and Agencies
SASocietate Pe Actiuni (Romanian: stock company)
SASheezyart (website)
SASocialist Appeal
SASurface Attack
SASelf Aligned
SASymbolic Analysis
SASalamu Alaikum (Arabic greeting)
SASalary Adjustment
SASensor Assembly
SASir Aaron (Pokemon)
SAServer Automation (Hewlett-Packard Development Company)
SASaturable Absorber
SASurveillance Area
SAShared Area
SASystematics Association (UK)
SAScouting Association (UK)
SASite Activation
SASewickley Academy (Pennsylvania)
SASourcing Analyst
SASupport Acquisition
SASinapinic Acid
SASmoothing Algorithm
SASustainable America
SASearch and Attack
SAFranciscan Friars of the Atonement (religious order)
SASelection Authority
SASite Assessment and Remediation
SAStabsarzt (German military)
SASimple Alert
SASafety and Arming
SASupras Auteuil
SASociety of the Atonement
SAShow Assistant
SASicherheitsAbteilung (German: Safety Department)
SASupportability Analysis
SASunder Armor (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SASuomen Armeija (Army of Finland)
SABureau of South Asian Affairs (US Department of State)
SASystem Abort
SASingapore Artillery
SAShadow Alliance (gaming clan)
SAAdopted in the Senate (approved business of the Senate, North Carolina)
SAStachowski Alpacas
SASection Adaptation
SASanctity Aura (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SAShort Acronym
SAStürmabteilung (German: stormtroopers; paramilitary organization of Nazi Party)
SASyllabic Abbreviation
SAShipwright Apprentice
SASurvivors Associated
SASetup Acknowledge (ITU-T)
SASpare Allocation
SASniper Assist (gaming, Starcraft)
SAShipping Authorization
SASwitch Arbiter
SAStorm Afdeling
SASpringfield (Massachusetts) Armory (closed)
SASupplemental Assembly
SASomething's Awful (website)
SASeismic Acoustics
SASandia Apparatus
SASpooksoliy Arânkas
SASlowly Adapting Fiber (In Skin)
SAShredder Afval (Dutch: shredder garbage)
SAScrambled Americans (video production company)
SAStandardised Approach
SASpace Available (airline travel)
SASunshine Act
SAStructured Analysis (software engineering)
SASpark Arrestor
SASubterranean Animism (game)
SASugar Association
SAStorage Area
SASupplemental Appropriation
SAStudent Ambassadors
SAState Annex (department of state building)
SAStores Accountant
SAService Agreement (various organizations)
SAStick Arena (game)
SASuffield Academy (Suffield, Connecticut)
SASuper Aguri (F1 Team)
SAStation Actual
saSumma (Latin: sum)
SAServer Apache (computing)
SASpirited Away (Japanese anime movie)
SAStatus Asthmaticus
SASpecial Assignment
SAStealth Assassin (gaming)
SASuperachromat (tele-photo lenses made by Carl Zeiss)
SAStudies and Analysis
SAStandby Air
SASpecialist Association (stock market exchanges)
SASpring Awakening (musical)
SAStaphylococcus Aureus (bacterium)
SAStrong Ale
SASpace Ace (video game)
SAStorage Allocator
SASum Assured
SASpecial Action
SASubscriber Access
SAStroke Association
SASpecial Area
SASpectrum Analyzer
SASouth Australia (Australian State)
SASpecial Access
SASubject to Approval
SASubsystem(s) Analysis
SASupervising Authority
SASupplemental Agreement
SAStaging Activity
SAStaging Area
SAStrategic Attack
SAStudent Association
SASua Altezza (Italian: Her/His Majesty)
SASpace Academy
SASub-Address (ISDN)
SASouth Asia
SASpectral Acceleration (seismology)
SASubnet Agent (computer networking)
SAStuffed Animal
SASupporting Artist
SASpiral Acquisition
SASpecial Assistant
SAStandards Australia
SAStochastic Approximation
SASuicide Attempt
SASoftware Assurance
SAStent Area
SAStudent Assistant
SAStupid Ass
SASplenic Artery
SASubstance Abuse
SASpaced Antenna
SASpinal Anesthesia
SASpherical Array
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In the past 25 years or so, self-assessment has be-come a more advocated and widespread assessment op-tion in study process in foreign countries (White 2009).
While many people were wrapping last-minute gifts between 11pm and midnight on Christmas Eve or putting out food for Santa and his reindeer, others were sorting out their finances - with 92 self-assessment tax returns submitted to HMRC.
But first, for those readers not familiar with self-assessment workbooks, they consist of a list of farming practices that a grape-grower reads and uses to record whether or not they are using the various practices.
sLewbart presents readers with the second edition of his collection of professional and research contributions to a comprehensive color review of and self-assessment regarding ornamental fishes and aquatic invertebrate species from throughout the world.
In dental hygiene, self-assessment is a necessary component of the curriculum, but can be difficult to cultivate.
The Program Team (PT) members were comprehensively trained in the second session in the Self-Assessment Process (SAP) laid down by the HEC, the eight criteria of Self-Assessment and preparation of departmental Self-Assessment Reports (SARs).
Simply attending continuing education courses without periodic reexaminations or documented self-assessment by which the practitioner identifies gaps in knowledge followed by strategic continuing education efforts aimed at filling those gaps does not lend itself to confidence in continuing competency.
This volume introduces an original model for using self-assessment and self-evaluation in teacher education.
In line with this argument, he observes that self-assessment is based on the idea that effective learning is best achieved if students are actively engaged in the process of learning.
A self-assessment questionnaire was completed by 15, Year 6 students immediately after the OSCE.