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SDWTSelf-Directed Work Team
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Support and management positions were administratively one group, but were not organized into a self-directed work team as their tasks were not considered sufficiently interdependent.
Nine Characteristics of a Self-Directed Work Team vs, a Traditional Work Group Traditional Self-Directed Top-down Bottom-up Unilateral Consensus Narrow focus Big picture Narrow training Ongoing diverse training Move up Move around Helplessness Empowerment Stuck/Complacent Challenged/innovative Internal competition External competition Work together Work and celebrate Source: Ankarlo (1992).
Two important organizational variables that can affect self-directed work team performance are leadership and the reward systems in place.
And it meant organizing self-directed work teams so staff ideas would help shape the vision.
While many decisions reached by a self-directed work team are necessarily subjective, the employer should provide each individual team member with specific guidelines for assessing other team members.
With self-directed work teams of line employees in control of daily activities, managers have time to provide vision and direction.
Collaborative self-directed work teams can get complex projects completed at faster rates than the traditional boss-worker arrangement because the decision-making process is made faster and more effective in a team.
Books and articles have been written about how to design empowered or self-directed work teams (Wellins, Byham & Wilson, 1991; Orsburn, Moran, Musselwhite, & Zenger, 1990), parallel learning teams (Bushe & Shani, 1991), cross-functional project teams (Parker, 1994), executive teams (Nadler & Ancona, 1992), and team-based organizations (Mohrman, Cohen, & Mohrman, 1995).
Come on, admit it: you knew Self-Directed Work Teams wasn't really about you.
Having sketched a rough outline of the main differences between the han and self-directed work team, the question arises regarding in which setting these respective forms are best applied.
At the end of the plan year, we hope to have a self-directed work team in place that will review performance against team goals and pass their recommendations on to the president for his review.
Developing a self-directed work team is an exacting process.