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SHOSuper High Output (Ford performance model)
SHOShowtime (Cable Channel)
SHOSpanish Harlem Orchestra (California)
SHOSafety and Health Official
SHOShutout (Baseball)
SHOStation House Officer (police)
SHOSenior House Officer
SHOSamenwerkende Hulporganisaties (Dutch: Cooperating Aid Organizations)
SHOState Health Officer
SHOSuper High Output
SHOSenior Housing Option (Colorado)
SHOSenior Health Officer (various locations)
SHOSmokers' Helpline Online (resource)
SHOSimple Harmonic Oscillator
SHOStaff Hearing Officer (Ohio Industrial Commission)
SHOSokcho, South Korea (Airport Code)
SHOSoft Handoff
SHOSelf-Help Organization
SHOStab and Hinge Over (oil exploration)
SHOStation Head Officer
SHOSurface Hors Oeuvre (French: Gross Floor Area; measurement)
SHOSuper Hub Office
SHOSenior Hearing Officer (California Department of Corrections)
SHOSchool Holidays Only (daycare program; Liverpool, NY)
SHOSoft HO (Handover) (Telecommunications)
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This paper proposes to analyze how Hmong self-help organizations have evolved to address issues Hmong Americans have confronted as they have attempted to adapt to life in mainstream America.
Despite the important growth of self-help organizations during the 1960s, there were only occasional publications of either descriptive case studies of specific organizations or more general studies from within the disciplines of social work, psychology and other clinical fields (Katz, 1981).
With the exception of a study conducted by Bales (1944) on the therapeutic role of self-help groups of Alcoholics Anonymous, other empirical research doesn't appear in the bibliographies until 1957, when Alfred Katz published his doctoral thesis titled "Parents of disadvantaged people-Recovery Inc." Despite the important growth of self-help organizations during the 1960s, only occasional descriptive case-studies were published, studies of specific organizations or more general studies by writers from the field of social work, psychology and other clinical fields.
Powell (Ed.), Understanding the self-help organization: Frameworks and findings (pp.
Lee Miller, of SHARE, a self-help organization for women with breast or ovarian cancer, hoped that the magazine would delve more into the personal stories of self-helpers "and how their advocacy grew out of their lives" - a suggestion that could apply to those in other movements as well.
(1.) Al-Anon is a self-help organization for spouses and significant others in alcohol-dependent people's lives.
The New Voice Club of Hong Kong was selected as the self-help organization for the present study.
Manavi became a self-help organization. The all-volunteer organization publishes a resource directory for women in the New Jersey-New York-Connecticut tri-state area, and offers translation services, legal aid, therapeutic referrals, interest-free loans, and housing and employment ad vice.
Interestingly, MM's philosophy explicitly acknowledges that some alcohol-dependent individuals will not be able to achieve moderation and therefore may be better off in an abstinence-oriented self-help organization such as SMART Recovery or even AA (Kishline, 1994).
Earlier, the diocese had started a self-help organization in Salem, a colonia that has now developed into a community with small stores, an athletic field and a stamp of permanence.
One of the largest MASH studies ever conducted showed that a peer-led self-help organization in Norway produced significant weight loss among members.
Compassionate Friends is a self-help organization offering support, understanding, grief education and hope to all families who have experienced the death of a child at any age from any cause.