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SISCStandard Instruction Set Computing/Computing
SISCSecurity Income Status Code
SISCSingle Instruction Set Computer
SISCSimple Instruction Set Computer
SISCSony India Software Centre (India)
SISCSocietà Italiana per lo studio delle cefalee (Italian)
SISCSelf-Insured Schools of California
SISCSecond Interpreter of Scheme Code
SISCSemiconductor Interface Specialists Conference
SISCSouthville International School and Colleges (Philippines)
SISCSociety for International Space Cooperation
SISCSystème d'Information de l'Association des Scouts du Canada (French: Information System of the Scout Association of Canada)
SISCScience and Infrastucture Steering Committee (various organizations)
SISCSimulation Interoperability Standards Committee (standards committee for the IEEE Computer Society)
SISCStandard Information Systems Center
SISCSide-Information Source Code
SISCSimple Instruction Set Chip
SISCSMils International Summer Camps
SISCSSI Status Code
SISCSenate Internal Security Subcommittee