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SMRSocial Media Release
SMRSan Marino (ISO Country code)
SMRSelf-Myofascial Release
SMRSmall Modular Reactor (nuclear power)
SMRShingled Magnetic Recording
SMRSpecialized Mobile Radio
SMRStandardized Mortality Ratio
SMRSnowdon Mountain Railway (UK)
SMRSwitching Mode Regulator
SMRSystem Measurement
SMRSignal to Mask Ratio
SMRShadow Movie Realm
SMRShared Memory Region
SMRSmart Media Card Reader
SMRSingle Mixed Refrigerant
SMRSociological Methods and Research (journal)
SMRService Médical Rendu (French: Medical Record Service)
SMRSerial Mode Register (computer programming)
SMRSouthern Mindanao Region (Philippines)
SMRSilvermex Resources LTD
SMRSites and Monuments Record (UK heritage)
SMRSubmucous Resection
SMRSurveillance Médicale Renforcée (French: Increased Medical Surveillance)
SMRSteam Methane Reformer
SMRSpinal Motion Restriction
SMRSurface Movement Radar
SMRSprint Medley Relay (track and field)
SMRStandard Malaysian Rubber
SMRStrategic Management of Resources
SMRSocial Market Research
SMRStandard Metabolic Rate
SMRStudent Medical Record
SMRSpanish Mustang Registry
SMRStatutory Management Requirement (UK)
SMRService Medical Record (US DoD)
SMRSailor Moon R (anime series)
SMRStandard Mileage Rate (US IRS)
SMRService en Milieu Rural (French: Service in Rural Areas)
SMRSignal-to-Mask Ratio (MPEG)
SMRService, Maintenance and Repair (automotive industry)
SMRSid Meier's Railroads (gaming)
SMRStrongman Run (race)
SMRSubject Matter Resource
SMRStormwater Management Report (various locations)
SMRSanta Monica Review (arts journal; California)
SMRSelf-Monitoring Report (various organizations)
SMRSite Material Request
SMRSociety for Medicines Research (London, UK)
SMRSunday Morning Ride (Marin, CA)
SMRSuppressed Mite Reproduction
SMRSkeletal Muscle Relaxant (pharmacology)
SMRSo Many Roads (Grateful Dead song)
SMRSwitching Mode Rectifier
SMRStratégie Ministérielle de Réforme (French: Ministerial Reform Strategy)
SMRSafe Money Report
SMRSeattle Mountain Rescue
SMRSoftware Maintenance and Reengineering
SMRStandardised Morbidity Ratio
SMRState Military Reservation (Camp Pendleton, Virginia)
SMRRainbow Smelt (FAO fish species code)
SMRSemantic Matchmaking and Resource Retrieval
SMRSenior Management Review
SMRSuspended Microchannel Resonator (microchemistry)
SMRSpace Merchant Realms (game)
SMRSource, Maintenance & Recoverability
SMRSpherically Mounted Retroreflector (distance measurement)
SMRSemiconductor Mask Representation
SMRSailor Moon Romance (anime)
SMRSolvency Margin Requirement (insurance)
SMRShadow Movie Realm (nAVI movie encoding format)
SMRSuperMoto Racer Magazine
SMRSociété de Médecine de La Reproduction (French: Society of Reproductive Medicine)
SMRStone & Mccarthy Research
SMRStub Multicast Routing
SMRSemantic Matchmaking and Resource Retrieval: Issues and Perspectives
SMRSouth Molton Recycle (UK)
SMRSchool of Medical Rehabilitation (Canada)
SMRSystem Modification Request
SMRStandardized Morbidity Rate
SMRShiny Metallic Robe (Everquest game item)
SMRSociété Musicale de Rambouillet (French: Rambouillet Musical Company)
SMRSex Maturity Rating
SMRSchweitzer Mountain Resort (Sandpoint, ID)
SMRSports Medicine & Rehabilitation
SMRSpecial Management Review
SMRSahaja Music Records (record label)
SMRStatute Mile Radius
SMRStock Management Report
SMRSignature Measurement Radar
SMRSwedish Medley Relay (track and field)
SMRSaint Mary's of Redford (school)
SMRSurveillance Médicale Règlementaire (French: Monitoring Medical Examination)
SMRSenior US Military Representative
SMRScaled Mortar Range
SMRStudent Management Room (various schools)
SMRSpecial Money Requisition
SMRSequential Motion Rate (Articulation, Apraxia, Diadokokinetic Rate)
SMRSurinaamse Motorenrevisie
SMRShip Movement Report
SMRSupportability, Maintainability, and Reparability
SMRSupermoto/Supermotard Racing (motorcycle riding/racing style))
SMRSilver Mustang Registry (Pace, FL)
SMRSupply Management Reporting
SMRStatus Master Record
SMRSociété Méditerranéenne de Reconditionnement (French: Mediterranean Society of Reconditioning)
SMRSociété de Manutention du Roll on Roll Off (French: Roll on Roll off Handling Society; est. 2001)
SMRShipboard Management Review
SMRSource Maintainability Reparability
SMRSECNAV (Secretary of the Navy) Monthly Review (meeting)
SMRSpecial Meals Request (US Army)
SMRSystem Manager of Record
SMRSyndromic Mental Retardation
SMRSol-Mur-Revêtement (French: Floor-Wall-Covering; construction company)
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There was also inconsistency between the data in the Self-Monitoring Report (SMR) and the data in the pull-out forms that indicated 33 metric tons (MT) were hauled by DCECI, 3 MT beyond its limit, EMB said.
At the end of the session, all participants were given access to the study Website, which contained weekly weight-loss tips, lesson postings, recipes, a message board and links to self-help diet, exercise and behavior modification resources available on the Internet, and a link to a personal online self-monitoring report form.
Further investigation showed that the data CHHMCC declared in its Self-Monitoring Report (SMR) for the third quarter of 2018 did not match the data in its waste pull-out forms.
Operation of the collective sanitation service is: 14 communes served, representing 15,362 inhabitants; 6,633 subscribers in 2018; 12 depollution units with a total capacity of 49,829 inhabitants equivalents; 103 self-monitoring reports in 2018; 170 t of sludge discharged in 2018 (ms); 301 compliance checks in 2018; total length of the network: 205 km (excluding connections); 4,687 connections; 40 lifting stations; 11 storm weirs; 2317 drains and grills; 20,703 linear meters priests in 2018; volume subject: 720 457 m 3 in 2018; visit of the facilities on 5 and 6.9.2019.
In a news statement, the GSIS said that it has been compliant with LLDA regulations and has been consistent in submitting quarterly self-monitoring reports, and urged the LLDA to revoke the notice of violation accusing the agency of contributing to the pollution of Manila Bay.
Citing self-monitoring reports submitted to the Environment Management Bureau, GBP said PEDC reported that its emission levels of SOx (sulfur oxides), NOx (nitrogen oxides), PM (particulate matter) and CO (carbon monoxide) were lower than the mandated thresholds by as much as 98.5 percent.
In the Self-Monitoring Reports (SMRs) submitted to the Environment Management Bureau of the DENR, both CEDC and PEDC reported that their emission levels of SOx (sulfur oxides), NOx (nitrogen oxides), PM (particulate matter), and CO (carbon monoxide)are lower than the mandated thresholds by as much as 98.5 percent.
Nevertheless, environmental groups, including Appalachian Voices, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Kentucky Riverkeeper, and Waterkeeper Alliance, of which I am president, found in 2010 that Frasure Creek and other Kentucky coal companies had for years routinely filed false self-monitoring reports.
The EMB National Capital Region told EcoWaste that the crematorium, by operating a furnace without a valid permit and failing to submit self-monitoring reports of its emission rates, violated the Clean Air Act's Rule 19, Section 1.
As such, Semmaris says the candidate, as part of this contract, the specific obligations to this particular regulatory environment, including - Qualitative and quantitative continuous measurements of discharges to the 3 stations tamper located at the outlet of the watershed MIN Rungis- Sampling, testing in accredited laboratory and writing self-monitoring reports,- Respect of concentrations and emissions limit values,- Management, preventive and corrective maintenance of specific equipment (made of dry weather balloons and shutter valves, self-monitoring system ...)- The preventive and corrective maintenance of networks and pretreatment works collective EU and EP ...
Quarterly landfill gas reports and semi-annual self-monitoring reports (leachate and groundwater) will be required deliverables.