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This technology was specifically developed to be addictive; to manufacture Fomo (fear of missing out); to capitalise on our insecurity; to tap into our primal fears of status anxiety; to connect with the reward centre in our brains and flood our systems with hormones at the ping of a self-validating "like".
On the other hand, crypto-idealists value a lower cost for running a self-validating node, aka the ability for a regular Joe to be his own sovereign network contributor.
Snap's self-validating technology virtually eliminates errors and the need for follow-up quality controls.
On the other hand, Boos's argument can easily seem self-validating or simply axiomatically true: from Buber to Adorno, it is clear that all the "speakers" treated here have challenged Germans to awaken to the genocide and to the postwar remnants of Nazism still present in society.
Australian Defence Force servicewomen with dependent children who served in the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) found their experience of deployment positive and self-validating, according to research released today by Minister for Veterans Affairs, Stuart Robert, and Assistant Minister for Defence, Darren Chester.
His signal insight was his recognition of apartheid's desperation to create a doctrinal self-validating image for itself by appropriating realms of human value other than the overtly political, especially religion.
I see my work--and myself--as self-validating. I'm happy to have recognition--it is important to me, but not the most important thing and certainly not defining.
Murtagh's focus group participants took the ending in context, allowing a more affirming and self-validating viewing (p.
The act of volunteering is a self-validating experience that boosts volunteers' confidence and self-esteem.
The truth is that the contemporary art movement is self-validating, with those who see through the smokescreen reluctant to say so lest they are accused of being philistines.
Turn a blind eye or a severed ear away from the self-validating punditry and propaganda being spouted from the Copacabana eye view of this tournament and a different picture emerges.