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SIISeiko Instruments, Inc.
SIIServicio de Impuestos Internos (Chile)
SIIStandards Institution of Israel
SIISilicon Image, Inc.
SIISistema Integral de Información (Spanish: Integrated Information System; Mexico)
SIIStrong Interest Inventory
SIISociété pour l'Informatique Industrielle (French: Society for Industrial Computers)
SIISilicon Image Inc.
SIIService Interval Indicator
SIISpatial Information Infrastructure
SIISecurities and Investment Institute (UK)
SIISecurities Industry Institute (executive development program)
SIISolvency II (insurance requirements)
SIISelf-Inflicted Injury
SIISystemic Infrastructure Initiative (Australia)
SIISíndrome de Intestino Irritable (Spanish: Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
SIISensory Integration International
SIISciences International, Inc. (now Tetra Tech Sciences; Virginia)
SIIStandards Institute of Israel
SIIScout II (truck model)
SIISuccessor In Interest
SIISocial Insurance Institution of Finland
SIISouthern Ionics Incorporated (West Point, MS)
SIIService Improvement Initiative (Canada)
SIISiilinjärvi (Finland)
SIISpecial Interest Item
SIIScott's Inspections Inc (San Antonio, TX)
SIIScalable Information Infrastructure
SIISpace Industries, Inc.
SIIStrategic Infrastructure Initiative
SIISpecial Investigative Inquiry
SIIStatement of Intelligence Interest
SIISelf Identified Issue (various organizations)
SIISociété Immobilière d'Investissement (French: Real Estate Investment Company)
SIISpecial Instructions Indicator
SIIStrengths, Improvements, and Insights
SIISystem Internal Interface
SIISecurity Investigation Index
SIIService Identity Index
SIISoftware International Incorporated
SIISuitability Investigative Index
SIISinclair Intimacy Institute
SIISouthern Industrial Institute, Inc.
SIISystems Interface Inc.
SIISoldier Information Interface
SIIStatic/Stub Invocation Interface (CORBA client-side API)
SIISponsor Identification Index
SIIStrategic Inventory Initiative
SIISemantic Information Integration (Digital Enterprise Research Institute; Ireland)
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In teen girls aged 15-19, the rate of self-inflicted injury rose 7.
Females, who predominantly had cuts or piercing injuries (48%), had 41% greater odds of a self-inflicted injury than males, who predominantly used firearms (34.
Among high school students, 17 percent reported self-inflicted injury, 13.
The analysis of self-inflicted injury mechanism by sex showed marked differences.
The sweet receptionist kindly informed the guest that using gym shoes is a necessity due to the higher chance of self-inflicted injury and that it is gym policy.
P rescott, recalling the self-inflicted injury incurred by Fall In Line, said: "He was turned out after his sixth win, which was a world record in so quick a period, and met with an accident in the paddock.
The plan also states that it won't cover "charges in connection with a self-inflicted injury, whether sane or insane.
Many are from newspaper accounts, but many are submitted by the victims of self-inflicted injury.
The court noted that several courts have upheld claim denials subsequent to self-inflicted injury that was the result of the intentional misuse of drugs.
David's mother as his beneficiary under the policy filed a claim for benefits, which was denied by First UNUM, citing the self-inflicted injury exclusion.