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SSPRStructural, Syntactic and Statistical Pattern Recognition
SSPRS&S Public Relations, Inc
SSPRSelf-Service Password Reset
SSPRStructural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition
SSPRScottish Society for Psychical Research
SSPRSystem Selection for Preferred Roaming
SSPRSingle Sign-On Password Reset (Oracle)
SSPRSouth Sound Paranormal Research (Tacoma, WA)
SSPRSuccess Strategy Performance Review (Austin, TX)
SSPRService de Sécurité Auprès du Palais Royal (Brussels, Belgium)
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Offering a solution to this problem, Phonetic Systems recently released Version 5.0 of its Voice Search Engine Platform, which is used to facilitate applications such as speech-driven auto-attendants, self-service password reset, speaker verification and directory information centers.
Designed to reduce the burden on IT, Password Director enables IT organizations to quickly and easily empower their end users to resolve their own password resets by providing them with secure 24/7 access to a number of automated, self-service password reset options.
It continues by pointing out that if users forget their more complex passwords, they need secure self-service password reset capabilities that do not drain IT department resources.
Phonetic Systems is a developer of large-scale, voice-enabled directories which allow the creation of business applications including directory assistance, auto-attendant, call routing, paging, self-service password reset and security systems for the enterprise and carrier markets.