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STStar Trek
STSpring Training (baseball)
STSubject to (math)
STSpecial Training
STScience And Technology
STStandard Time
STSunday Times (newspaper; various locations)
STStores (on-line ordering and catalog system)
STSystems Technology
STStone (British weight;14 pounds)
STSpace Technology
STStore (IBM)
STSound Track
STSelf Test
STService Tax (India)
STSingapore Technologies (technology-based multinational conglomerate)
STSales Tax
STSoftware Test
STSeattle Times (newspaper)
STStream (Experimental Protocol - Rfc1190)
STStraight Time
STSplit (Split and Dalmatia county, Croatia)
STSaint Lucia
STSao Tome and Principe (top level domain)
STShort Tour
STSpecial Tools
STSource Text
STService Test
STStereo (sound)
STStraight Talk (Uganda newspaper)
STSystem Test
STStar Tours
STSemi Trailer
STShirley Temple (cocktail)
STShare Time (broadcasting operating schedule)
STSport Touring (motorcycle and riding style)
STSurface Temperature
STStoke On Trent (postcode, United Kingdom)
STScottish Terrier
STStratus (cloud formation)
STStory Teller (Larp and White Wolf Games)
STStokes (kinematic viscosity)
STShania Twain (country music artist)
STSpinal Tap (band)
STStrike Team
STStraits Times (Singapore newspaper)
STSuch That (mathematics)
STSpace Telescope
STScar Tissue (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)
STScheduled Tribes (India)
STSeal Team
STSpecial Test
STSkip Tracing
STSecurity Target (IT security, informatics)
STSuper Turbo (Street Fighter: Super Turbo game)
STSuicidal Tendencies (band)
STStarship Troopers
STState Transport (India)
STSteam Turbine
STSelf-Titled (also seen as S/T)
STSupertramp (band)
STShark Tale (movie)
STSeagate Technology LLC
STSmokeless Tobacco
STSenior Technician
STStreets and Trips (Microsoft)
STStar Tracker
STSex Therapist
STSpecial Tactics
STShort Ton
STSupertones (band)
STSpherical Trigonometry
STSlow Twitch (muscle fiber type)
STSuperTux (game)
STStandby Time
STSebastian Telfair (NBA Player)
STSpecial Text
STSpasmodic Torticollis
STSaving Tackle (soccer; a stopping of an unopposed opponent with the ball)
STSatellite Transmission
STSinus Tachycardia
STSindh Today (internet newspaper)
STSonic Team (game developers)
STSakura Taisen
STStraight Tip (AT&T fiber optic connector)
STStructured Text
STSecondary Target
STSenior Trooper
STSTMicroelectronics, Inc.
STSpecial Tooling
STSegment Type
STSimulation Testing
STSpherical Torus
STSunken Temple (World of Warcraft game)
STShort Transverse
STSexy Thang
STSelf Timed
STSaint Tail (anime)
STStrangetown (Neighborhood in the Sims 2 computer game)
STSend Timing
STSpherical Tokamak
STStart Transmission
STSonar Technician
STStable Toxin
STSoul Theory (Buddhism)
STSubscriber Terminal
STSurveillance Test
STSine Tempore (Latin: date will start on time)
STSunni Tehreek (religious movement in Pakistan)
STSensitech, Inc
STStatistical Tolerance
STSuper Tunnel (a burrowing protocol)
STSixteen Thirty-Two (Atari computers)
STStudent Text Book
STStop Tone
STStrukturierter Text (German: Structured Text)
STShowturtle (Hyper Logo Turtle graphics command)
STSynthesis Telescope
STStrategic Testing
STSignaling Tone
STStick and Turn (fiber optic cable connector)
STSteam Traced
STStanding Tank (gaming, Battleclash tank configuration)
STSpringfield Terminal Railway Company
STStatic Topology
STSleeve Target
STShort-range Transmitter
STSkull Tag (gaming)
STSignaling Terminal
STSector Tandem
STSnap and Twist (fiber optics cable connector)
STSubacute Sclerosing Pan-Encephalitis
STMissionary Servants of Most Holy Trinity (religious order)
STSpeech Therapy/Therapist
STSpiral to Tangent
STSinustachycardia (cardiology)
STSystems and Technology Directorate (NIMA)
STSurgicTube (website)
STStripper Thresher
STSupply Tech/Technician
ST(USN Rating) Sonar Technician
STShip/Scan Type
STSkin Temperature
STStatement (Spender Audio Systems, Ltd.)
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In making the new album that's due for release later this year, the Dirty Heads continued an approach that began with the self-titled album, collaborating with outside songwriters/producers rather than keeping the songwriting within the band and working primarily with one producer on an album.
A throwback to the glory days of the big, sweeping anthem, the self-titled debut (Geffen) from Aberdeen, Scotland's six-piece Driveblind is just the cure for those in need of a good old-fashioned jolt of mainstream rock.
West Indian themes and female figures are the inspirations of Caribbean artist Shan Kelly Cecilio's self-titled calendar (Pomegranate, ISBN 0-764-91419-7).
Julkowski added that "At this time, Target will not be carrying Beyonce's new self-titled album "Beyonce.
Solo'' by the socially conscious Guatemalan singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona, Colombia's Andrea Echeverri of Aterciopelado's fame and her maternally inspired self-titled solo debut, Kevin Johansen's eclectic ``Citi Zen'' and Italian singer Laura Pausini's rock-influenced ``Escucha.
PASS THE ROBITUSSIN AND VALIUM COCKTAIL, and top it off with an Ex-Lax, because the Black Lips self-titled LP on Bomp will leave you reeling with the feeling of full on bummer rock.
Artists Becca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow of BarlowGirl hit the music scene in 2003 with their self-titled debut.
She Wants Revenge, an electro-rock duo from the San Fernando Valley, unveils its self-titled debut album through Flawless/Geffen.
Working with singularly named keyboard player Tomo, Schwartz has concocted six sublime urban pop gems for hey willpower's brand-new self-titled debut EP (on Cochon Records).
In an extraordinarily inventive promotional move, Altered State Co who released a self-titled "feeler" album in 2004 Co sent out early versions of many of the tracks to radio stations across North America long before they had a finished, professionally produced project.
Summary: The X Factor's Eoghan Quigg has released his much anticipated self-titled solo album.