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SELSchweitzer Engineering Laboratories
SELSocial and Emotional Learning
SELSystème d'Echange Local (French: Local Exchange System)
SELSociété d'Exercice Libéral (French: Private Practice Company; business provision)
SELSystem Event Log (Intel)
SELSwedish Elite League (hockey)
SELSound Exposure Level
SELSoftware Engineering Laboratory
SELService d'Entraide et de Liaison (French: Mutual Aid Service Link)
SelSelian (linguistics)
SELSuzlon Energy Limited
SELSurface Emitting Laser
SELSingle-Event Latchup (of electronic circuits in space)
SELSingle Engine Land (FAA pilot rating)
SELSpace Environment Laboratory
SELSerial Experiments Lain (anime)
SELSocioeconomic Level
SELSize Exclusion Limit ( cytology)
SELSystems Engineering Laboratories
SELSystème d'Etanchéité Liquide (French: Liquid Waterproofing System)
SELSafety Engineering Laboratory (Los Gatos, CA)
SELSchool of Engineering and Logistics
SELSerbia Esperanto-Ligo (Serbian Esperanto Association)
SELSeoul, South Korea - Kimpo International (Airport Code)
SELSolid End Link (jewelry)
SELScientologie Espace Librairie (Scientology bookstore, France)
SELStandard Elektronik Lorenz AG (Stuttgart, Germany)
SELSecondary Epidermal Lamellae
SELSpace Environmental Monitor
SELSwedish Eliteserien
SELSpecial Equipment List
SELSignal Engineering Laboratories
SELSATCOM Engineering Labs
SELSafetech Environmental Ltd. (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
SELSystem Effectiveness Level
SELSelected Environmental Library
SELSkin-Effect Limit (microstrip lines)
SELSupport/Selected Equipment List
SELSystème d'Evaluation de Logement (French: Housing Evaluation System; Switzerland)
SELScience Education Laboratory (various locations)
SELScience & Engineering Library (various schools)
SELSynergy Engineering Ltd. (Canada)
SELStandard Equipment List (various organizations)
SELServices en Ligne (French: Online Services; various organizations)
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I think we have in Arkansas a higher chance of success in reforming Medicaid for those high-cost populations if we use some form of managed Medicaid," Selig told the panel, which is looking at the future of the state's hybrid Medicaid expansion.
During the visit, Selig met with Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo and Under Secretary Francisco de Rosenzweig from the Ministry of Economy to discuss TPP and advance the upcoming U.
Commissioner Selig and Hank Aaron look forward to this first-ever, candid, free-wheeling conversation about the game and the respective roles they both played.
Benefiting The Barbara Sinatra Center for Abused Children, the event features keynote speaker Bud Selig and honors Jackie Autry
Selig could afford the solar system through several grants and incentives sourced through the Solarize Medford program in partnership with the state, federal government and community volunteers.
Finally, Selig, in an interview with the SportsBusiness Daily said that he believes MLB will see a 3-5% attendance increase in 2012.
A decade after Selig persuaded the owners to adopt his radical idea, it's clear he was right on the money.
Byron Freeland, Mitchell Williams Selig Gates & Woodyard
Airing the day before the All-Star Game, Commissioner Selig will answer questions from SiriusXM subscribers in the audience, discuss current league matters, and talk about his experiences from a career that has spanned six decades in baseball.
Pardon the political reference, but Selig is very much Ronald Regan in that he's the master communicator.
Hooton describe the tragic circumstances that led him to this cause, I realized that baseball could expand the fulfillment of its social responsibility and help lead the fight against the abuse of steroids and other performance-enhancing substances among our youth,'' Selig said.
do eve thing from Asian to Southwestern to new French to classical dishes," owner Mike Selig said.