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SELSchweitzer Engineering Laboratories
SELSocial and Emotional Learning
SELSystème d'Echange Local (French: Local Exchange System)
SELSociété d'Exercice Libéral (French: Private Practice Company; business provision)
SELSystem Event Log (Intel)
SELSwedish Elite League (hockey)
SELSound Exposure Level
SELSoftware Engineering Laboratory
SELService d'Entraide et de Liaison (French: Mutual Aid Service Link)
SelSelian (linguistics)
SELSuzlon Energy Limited
SELSurface Emitting Laser
SELSingle-Event Latchup (of electronic circuits in space)
SELSingle Engine Land (FAA pilot rating)
SELSpace Environment Laboratory
SELSerial Experiments Lain (anime)
SELSocioeconomic Level
SELSize Exclusion Limit ( cytology)
SELSystems Engineering Laboratories
SELSystème d'Etanchéité Liquide (French: Liquid Waterproofing System)
SELSafety Engineering Laboratory (Los Gatos, CA)
SELSchool of Engineering and Logistics
SELSerbia Esperanto-Ligo (Serbian Esperanto Association)
SELSeoul, South Korea - Kimpo International (Airport Code)
SELSolid End Link (jewelry)
SELScientologie Espace Librairie (Scientology bookstore, France)
SELStandard Elektronik Lorenz AG (Stuttgart, Germany)
SELSecondary Epidermal Lamellae
SELSpace Environmental Monitor
SELSwedish Eliteserien
SELSpecial Equipment List
SELSignal Engineering Laboratories
SELSATCOM Engineering Labs
SELSafetech Environmental Ltd. (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
SELSystem Effectiveness Level
SELSelected Environmental Library
SELSkin-Effect Limit (microstrip lines)
SELSupport/Selected Equipment List
SELSystème d'Evaluation de Logement (French: Housing Evaluation System; Switzerland)
SELScience Education Laboratory (various locations)
SELScience & Engineering Library (various schools)
SELSynergy Engineering Ltd. (Canada)
SELStandard Equipment List (various organizations)
SELServices en Ligne (French: Online Services; various organizations)
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In 1997, Sabesan and Selig co-founded Hunter Realty Organization.
Selig mentioned that the United States is already the global leader in services trade, and the TPP will strengthen that position.
Caption: Joining Roman Selig III (second from right) are (from left) American Concrete Pipe Association's Josh Beakley; National Precast Concrete Association's Eric Carleton, and C13 member Fred Cash.
Selig, along with former Players Association chief Donald Fehr and the late New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, is both credited and blamed for just about everything that has brought America's pastime into the modern era.
Selig told a legislative task force that moving some of the program's more expensive clients to managed care makes more sense than shifting the entire program.
has acquired US-based packaging products manufacturer Selig Sealing Products, Inc.
Private equity investment firm Behrman Capital said it has sold Selig Sealing Holdings to CC Industries, Inc.
When Selig became acting commissioner in 1992, baseball still had an economic model that antedated television, radio, flight and the internal combustion engine.
By then, Selig had tried his hand as upholsterer, decorator, dime-show magician, fruit and health ranch manager, and co-owner of two itinerant minstrel companies.
Selig took over that aspect of the league, and ever since everything has run across his desk.
While Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria had been accused of callously dismantling his team, Selig said in a (http://mlb.
Selig, you are also a Jew, and therefore probably have an intuitive grasp of the connection the American Jewish community feels to this franchise.