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The initial semantic annotation enbles to represent information inputted in general information field of ITDE UI as RDF triples to create IB2O model according to explicit each model.
Synaptica's Open Annotation Semantic Indexing System (OASIS) provides semantic annotation of images by searching inside the image.
A standard semantic annotation exercise has three major building blocks: the ontology, a data instance recognition process and lastly an annotation generation process.
Consequently, semantic annotations do not restrict the use of the data but make existing usage restrictions explicit.
Unifying Semantic Annotation and Querying in Biomedical Images Repositories.
The semantic annotation of web service descriptors allows automated agents to reason about the capabilities offered by the services and make decision regarding discovery and composition tasks, avoiding the complexity that those processes involve for users or developers.
The approach we propose contributes towards automating the process of semantic annotation of Web services descriptors, by combining techniques of text mining--specifically tailored to Web services documentation--and unsupervised machine learning methods (i.
Other products developed by the Bulgarian software company include the semantic annotation platform KIM and the web intelligence and web search platform WMF.
Their topics include an ontology-based method to construct a reference model catalogue for the energy sector, heterogeneous text and numerical data mining with possible applications in business and financial sectors, prospects and limitations for the semantic verification of business process models, the semantic annotation of business process templates, and semantic-enabled compliance management.
A better alternative is to create an information retrieval model based on the semantic annotation of learning objects.
He has devised methods for extracting the actual semantics or high level features exploration of images and videos for high level semantic annotation.