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SEMASpecialty Equipment Market Association
SEMAState Emergency Management Agency
SEMASpecialty Equipment Manufacturers Association
SEMASociété d'Encouragement aux Métiers d'Art (Society for the Promotion of Art Trades; France)
SEMASpecial Electronic Mission Aircraft
SEMAStorage Equipment Manufacturers Association
SEMASoftware Engineering Measurement and Analysis (SEI)
SEMASoutheastern Medieval Association
SEMASenior Employment Medical Adviser (UK)
SeMASession-based Mobile AdHoc Network Architecture (Yeditepe University)
SEMASynergie Entreprise Milieu d'Accueil (Belgium)
SEMASociedad Erasmiana de Málaga (Spanish: Erasmus Society of Malaga; Malaga, Spain)
SEMASituation-Execution Monitor Advisor
SEMASystems Engineering & Management Associates, Incorporated
SEMASimple Electromagnetic Analysis (cryptography)
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This may mean that while semaphorin 3F is attracting immature myelin- making cells to sites needing repair, increased signals from semaphoring 3A are preventing repair from occurring.
Squeezing axons out of the gray matter: a role for slit and semaphorin proteins from midline and ventral spinal cord.
Growth cone collapse induced by semaphorin 3A requires 12/15-lipoxygenase.
Lymphatic ECs produce an immunomodulatory molecule, semaphorin 3A.
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Semaphorin 7A plays a critical role in TGF-beta1-induced pulmonary fibrosis.
Stereotyped pruning of long hippocampal axon branches triggered by retraction inducers of the semaphorin family.
This common variant lies on chromosome 5 near a gene known as semaphorin 5A, which is thought to help guide the growth of neurons and their long projections called axons.
University of Utah, Salt Lake City Amount: $100,479 (two years) "Repulsive Semaphorin Signaling in Nervous System Development and Adult Regeneration" Andrea Huber-Broesamle, Ph.