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S/ASpecial Agent
S/ASystem Administrator
S/ASemi-Annual (finance)
S/ASupply Air (air conditioning)
s/asingle axle
S/ASelective Availability (GPS satellite mode)
S/AShip Alteration
S/ASand-to-Aggregate ratio (concrete)
S/ASituational Awareness
S/ASpectrum Analyzer
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Two kinds of dampers were developed and built: frictional and semiactive.
In this clearly-written text for practitioners, researchers and design engineers as well as postgraduate students, the authors present the newest information into semiactive control systems, which provide significant reductions comparable with active devices but are stable and have reduced power requirements.
Digital semiactive laser technology provides precision accuracy at low cost for 2.
The 6 kg, 558mm-long bomb fitted with a semiactive laser guidance system receives its target grids through the launch system.
8 kilos and with a calibre of 178 mm, the semiactive laser-guided Mokopa is little else than the South African equivalent of the Hellfire missile originally designed by Kentron, now Denel Dynamics, for use by the RooivaLk ground and armour attack helicopter.
Using semiactive radar guidance, the Sea Skua is a much shorter-range weapon compared to the Exocet, with a reach of approximately 25 km (13 nm).
Meritor Protec Series 30 High Mobility independent suspensions feature double control arms with airbag semiactive dampers offering ride height adjustments of between 178 and 610 mm.
The new seeker operates in three modes: millimeter-wave radar, uncooled imaging infrared and semiactive laser.
In subsequent missions, an onboard semiactive radar seeker will perform terminal guidance to target intercept.
About SDB II SDB II's integrated tri-mode seeker, which is built in Raytheon's automated tri-mode seeker factory, fuses millimeter-wave radar, uncooled imaging infrared and semiactive laser sensors on a single gimbal, which enables the weapon to seek and destroy targets, despite weather conditions.