SEMPSustainable Environment Management Programme
SEMPSERDP Ecosystem Management Project
SEMPSocial Expenditure Management Project
SEMPSwitching Electromagnetic Pulse
SEMPSociété d'Éditions Médico-Pharmaceutiques
SEMPSoftware Engineering Management Plan
SEMPSalzach-Ennstal-Mariazell-Puchberg (fault)
SEMPSystem Engineering Management/Master Plan
SEMPSoftware Engineering Master Plan
SEMPStrategic Ecosystem Management Project
SEMPService Establishment Migration Plan (Sprint)
SEMPScalable and Efficient Multicast Protocol
SEMPStrategic Environmental Management Program
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SEMP - Search Engine Market Place, as the name explains, is a step further to establish our position in the search advertising business.
Anecdotally, despite being mandated in NSW DET policy, schools in the public system in the catchment area of the University of Wollongong are in every possible stage of progress in either developing or implementing the SEMP.
Sumitomo Chemical established SEMP last year as its base of manufacturing operations for IT-related materials in Europe.
2003), alcohol and drugs (Madgeskind and Semp 1997, Welch et al.
Samsung owns factories in Manaus and in Campinas, where it makes computer monitors for global companies such as HP as well as computer parts for domestic companies such as Itautec and Semp Toshiba.
Pavic, an environmental planner who became the SEMP process owner and coordinator of District 10's ISO effort.
James Christopher Bird, 20, was last seen alive by friend David Semp at Cardiff University's Talybont halls of residence on January 24 this year.
Ho detto a Tanai de' Medici, et a Benedetto Giramo[n]ti ch[e] mettino in ordine le scritture, e saldino tutti i conti, affine che gli possino rendere co[n] giustificazione, perch[e] qua[n]do si cominciorono tenere, ma[n]dai Benedetto a m[es]s[er] Filippo dell'Antella, acio si facesse mostrare il modo co[n] che si tengono, e cosi mi credo che habbia semp [re] seguitato.
One of them is the Safety and Environmental System (SEMS) rule, which is based on the American Petroleum Institute's SEMP recommended practice.
Children will be able to explore their creativity under the gentle guidance of Ruth Radcliffe, Benny Semp or one of the exhibited artists and be inspired by the works in the exhibitions and displays.
As told to Julie McCaffrey As told to Julie McCaffrey How Crissy's dental implants were created Barrie Semp, founder of The Smile Centre, treated Crissy.
x SEMP Ivor Peacefully on January 19, Ivor aged 85 years.