SEMPStrategic Environmental Management Program
SEMPSchool Estate Management Plan (UK)
SEMPSustainable Environment Management Programme
SEMPStudents Equipped to Minister to Peers (Illinois)
SEMPSERDP Ecosystem Management Project
SEMPSearch Engine Marketing Power (various locations)
SEMPSpiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical
SEMPSocial Expenditure Management Project
SEMPSwitching Electromagnetic Pulse
SEMPSociété d'Éditions Médico-Pharmaceutiques
SEMPSoftware Engineering Management Plan
SEMPSalzach-Ennstal-Mariazell-Puchberg (fault)
SEMPSystem Engineering Management/Master Plan
SEMPStrategic Ecosystem Management Project
SEMPSoftware Engineering Master Plan
SEMPService Establishment Migration Plan (Sprint)
SEMPScalable and Efficient Multicast Protocol
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Anecdotally, despite being mandated in NSW DET policy, schools in the public system in the catchment area of the University of Wollongong are in every possible stage of progress in either developing or implementing the SEMP.
Provider of next generation wireless technologies Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq:QCOM) and Semp Toshiba, an electro electronics manufacturers in Brazil, announced on Wednesday that they have entered into a 3G and 4G license agreement.
The new business, STI Semiconductor Design Brasil Ltda, is a joint venture with Semp Toshiba Informatica Ltda (STIL), a Brazilian Toshiba affiliate.
The School Energy Managers Project (SEMP) encourages districts to partner with neighboring school systems to maximize the use of the managers, according to Ronald Willhite, the Kentucky School Boards Association's (KSBA) SEMP manager.
the largest home appliances manufacturer in Turkey, for example; Brasil & Movimento S/A, the largest bicycle maker in Brazil; leading Brazilian computer firms Positivo Informatica, Siemens Enterprise Communications, and SEMP Toshiba Information; and Fota, a prominent auto parts retailer in Poland.
A producao industrial de Manaus, por exemplo, reflete a presenca de conglomerados multinacionais, mas nao necessariamente norte-americanos (Honda, Yamaha, Panasonic, Sanyo, Semp Toshiba).
MobileBooster(tm) is designed as an optional extension of Artificial Life's cutting edge SEMP (Smart Engine Mobile Platform).
Semp re com bom olh o pa ra as no vidades tecnicas, traz ao Bra sil em 1894 o Kinetosco pio, primei ro experiment o cinem atografico desenvolvido por Edison com filmes de celuloide [Figura 3].
SADISTIC Barry Semp pretended to be a dentist and left patients in agony in Manchester.
Sumitomo Chemical established SEMP last year as its base of manufacturing operations for IT-related materials in Europe.
2003), alcohol and drugs (Madgeskind and Semp 1997, Welch et al.