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SEMPERSecure Electronic Market Place for Europe
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Thou knowest the life I have led, keeping each point of my Order, striving with devils embodied and disembodied, striking down the roaring lion, who goeth about seeking whom be may devour, like a good knight and devout priest, wheresoever I met with him even as blessed Saint Bernard hath prescribed to us in the forty-fifth capital of our rule, Ut Leo semper feriatur.
Well said our blessed rule, Semper percutiatur leo vorans.
quod mouachis Sancti-Germaini pratensis hydra fuit, clericis nova semper dissidiorum capita suscitantibus
The concert, intended to promote awareness and garner donations to The Semper Fi Fund, has drawn aspiring tambourine players each year and this year a critical mass has been reached.
Investors have shown strong, sustained interest in the access the Semper MBS Total Return Fund grants to our skill set in structured credit and to the continuing opportunity in this sector," said CEO Greg Parsons.
In February, supply teacher and writer Miss Semper, 47, was found dead with multiple stab wounds at her home in Mapperley, Notts, by a friend.
Auto manufacturers also stand to benefit from the Semper Novus concept by improving the vehicle ownership experience.
e most important skill anyone can have now is a deep and abiding interest in cultures other than your own," said Dr Semper.
Semper Capital offers institutional and high net worth investors access to multiple securitized debt-centric investment platforms, ranging from private absolute return and index-based strategies to registered mutual funds and custom managed accounts.
Lohen-grin would have followed, too, except that both he and Semper had to flee the city after participating in a failed uprising.
Porsche's Semper Vivus (Always Alive) recreation is a tribute to Prof.
The more people are working, the more they can purchase goods and services (and pay mortgages), creating a positive feedback loop and faster, sustained growth," says Dave Regan, CEO of Semper.