SEMPISingly Excited Modified Perturbation Theory
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[6] Lafuerza-Guillen B, Rodriguez-Lallena J A, Sempi C.
Table 1 Dance steps English Italian French Common singlis sempi simples singles doblis doppi doubles doubles obeysawance riverenza reverence bow torne volta wholl torne volta tonda half torne meza volta lepe salto stop posada brawle branle flowrdelice trett retrett rak/rakkis horn pepy hertt Not surprisingly, the choreographies include steps that were ubiquitous throughout Western European dance in the 15th and 16th centuries: the singlis (singles, French simples, Italian sempi), doblis (doubles, French doubles, Italian doppi) and the obeysaunce or bow (French reverence, Italian riverenza).
For example, in 15th-century French basses danses singles only occur in pairs, and doubles in groups of one, three or five.(17) In the Italian bassedanze and balli, sempi almost always occur in pairs, while doppi occur mostly in sequences of one or two.(18)
Sempi,A study of boundedness in probabilistic normed spaces .