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SOTUSSenate of the United States
SOTUSState of the Union Speech (US presidential speech; also seen as SOTU)
SOTUSSolely Outside of the United States (US FDIC)
SOTUSSeniority Order Tradition Unity Spirit (college initiation system; Thailand)
SOTUSShare Ownership Top-Up Scheme (Singapore)
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Without the second comma, the Amendment would read: "The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state, elected by the people thereof for six years." Although it would have been more clear to have included the phrase "terms of" after the word "for" and before the phrase "six years"--thus making the text read, "The Senate ...
More important will be the leverage the Christian "right" secures in the House and Senate of the United States and the manner in which they will support the pro-Likud Israeli lobby organizations with reference to such issues as Jerusalem, Israeli military and economic assistance, Israeli settlement and infrastructure expansion, economic assistance to the Palestinian authority, and politicizing the issue of religious freedom.
Undersecretary Eizenstat repeated that promise when he testified in February before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that "we have no intention...of trying to impose or take any steps to impose what would be binding restrictions on our companies, on our industry, on our business, on our agriculture, on our commerce, or on our country until and unless the Senate of the United States says so."
Hoar (R-MA) intoned: "Let no man deceive himself into the belief that if this change be made, the Senate of the United States will long endure" (Congressional Record 106 [1893]).
We are recommending that people vote for Hugh Rodham for the Senate of the United States!
And now the Institute actively cooperates with representatives of the Congress and the Senate of the United States - including while supporting democratic development of Ukraine and reforms carried out by the Ukrainian Government.
Colombo, March 4 -- Sri Lanka's Ministry of External Affairs today (March 4, 2011) refuted allegations contained in the US Senate Resolution (S.Res.84) adopted by the Senate of the United States, last Tuesday (March1).
For 111th Congress committee assignments, the sources are The Senate of the United States, Committee and Subcommittee Assignments for the One Hundred Eleventh Congress, prepared under the direction of Nancy Erickson, secretary of the Senate, June 3, 2009 (available online from the Senate's website at assignments.htm); and List of Standing Committees and Select Committees and Their Subcommittees of the House of Representatives Together With Joint Committees, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, compiled by Lorraine C.
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