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SDOSolar Dynamics Observatory (satellite)
SDOSoftware Development Outsourcing
SDOService Data Object
SDOSan Diego Opera (San Diego, CA)
SDOSuper Dancer Online (gaming)
SDOSoftware Defined Operations (Cisco)
SDOSerial Data Out
SDOService Driven Operations
SDOStandard Development Organization
SDOSpatial Data Option
SDOSuper Distributed Objects
SDOServer Data Object
SDOSequential Data Set Output
SDOState Demography Office (Colorado)
SDOSpecial Duty Officer (various armed forces)
SDOStandards Development Organisation (various organizations)
SDOSerial Data Output
SDOSoftware Delivery Optimization (Borland)
SDOSocial Dominance Orientation (psychology)
SDOSub Divisional Officer (india)
SDOStaff Duty Officer
SDOScreen Door Open (golf; Texas)
SDOSavoy Dance Orchestra (Germany)
SDOService Delivery Objective
SDOStrategic Debriefing Officer (US DoD)
SDOSupport Development Officer (UK)
SDOScattered Disk Object
SDOSquadron Duty Officer
SDOServices Designated Official
SDOService Delivery Organization
SDOScheduled Day Off
SDOSurface dans Oeuvre (French: Work Surface)
SDOSuper Distributed Object
SDOStaff Development Officer
SDOScheda Dimissione Ospedaliera (Italian)
SDOSenior Defense Official
SDOSwitch Diversity Option
SDOStamp Distribution Office (US Postal Service)
SDOSudden Death Overtime
SDOSigned Data Object
SDOSilent Death Online
SDOSolenoid Driver Output
SDOShared Data Object
SDOSupply Depot Operations
SDOSeries Doubled Obverse (coin collecting)
SDOStandards Developing/Development Organization
SDOAerolineas Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (ICAO code)
SDOShip Development Objective
SDOStormwater Discharge Outfall
SDOSpecial Duty Only
SDOSamo Development Organisation (Somalia)
SDOSpeedometer Drive Output
SDOSupport for Diplomatic Operations (Intelligence)
SDOSystem Development Operations
SDOSolution Delivery Officer (supply chain management)
SDOShip's Debarkation Officer
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In the meeting, the senior defense official gave a general overview of the new policy and opened the floor to each organization for comments and questions.
As part of the outreach effort, the Pentagon sent a senior defense official to meet with the Azeris and U.
Iraqis are taking advantage of some of those opportunities, but there is more they have to do," said a senior Defense official, who spoke at a background briefing but was prohibited by the Defense Department from using his name.
There is no doubt that an offensive in Gaza is inevitable but the timing is the question", a senior defense official said.
Later that day, another senior Defense official acknowledged the second meeting in Paris in June 2003, but insisted that it was the reset of a "chance encounter" between Ghorbanifar and a Pentagon official.
Before any new program can proceed with development and production, it must clear the entire JCIDS review process, which takes 107 days, according to a senior defense official.
A senior Defense official, speaking on background, told JED that the EA-18 appears to be the optimum choice to fill the jamming need in time to retire the Prowler, adding that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will not be ready in time, The EA-l8, however, is not the only possibility, the official said, The Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAY) is also a likely candidate for some jamming and SEAD missions, Designers are looking at' other alternatives as well, he said, but the key is to have an EA-6B replacement available as soon as possible,
Gordy is currently serving as the senior defense official and defense attachTurkey, U.
The goal is not to compromise any aspect of our critical systems, but to challenge our cybersecurity in a new and innovative way," one senior defense official told Reuters.
US Ambassador Stephen Beecroft and Senior Defense Official Major General Charles Hooper joined Air Marshal Younes Al-Masri and other senior Egyptian military officials in a ceremony at the Cairo West Air Force Base.
A senior defense official said no decisions on how to fix the problems have been made and that proposals are still being discussed within the Pentagon.
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