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STSMShort Term Scientific Missions (Reconciling Work and Welfare in Europe, University of Edinburgh; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
STSMSenior Technical Staff Member (IBM)
STSMShip to Shore Movement (US Navy Amphibious Operations)
STSMSemantic Technologies in System Maintenance
STSMSociété Tunisienne des Sciences Médicales
STSMSoil Temperature and Soil Moisture
STSMSensitized Tracheal Smooth Muscle (physiology)
STSMSpatio-Temporal Source Modelling (neurology)
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Florian Pinel, senior technical staff member, IBM Watson Group, was quoted as saying "One of the concepts we wanted to demonstrate with Chef Watson is this notion of discovery and computational creativity.
Most recently, she was senior technical staff member at Sandia National Laboratories, where she used her black belt certification in Lean and Six Sigma to reduce waste and optimize operations.
A senior technical staff member with the International Code Council, which presumably established the International Fire Code, Stookey describes changes in the Code since the 2009 edition.
Kepner (a senior technical staff member at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory) gives instruction on parallel computing in MATLAB, writing primarily for those who wish to adapt their serial MATLAB programs to a parallel environment.
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