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Additionally, our Integrative Studies general education package brings together students from a variety of majors, as does our Senior Year Experience course lineup.
My concern is that this School Committee, with last month's vote, is unintentionally undermining the rigor of our senior year experience, while reversing the judgment of veteran administrators and faculty whose legacies of excellence speak volumes.
"Senior Year Experience: Challenges and Options." Education Digest, 74(4), 58-62.
Gardner, Gretchen Van der Veer and associates published their landmark book, The Senior Year Experience: Facilitating Integration, Reflection, Closure, and Transition.
The report also lists these other factors that limit the senior year experience: a lack of alignment from elementary to college; state tests, taken in the 9th and 10th grades that give students an impression that they are ready for the next level of schooling; and a limited number of challenging high-school courses.
The commission will take a close look at the senior year experience and develop creative approaches to making the 12th grade more meaningful and productive.
Over the past two years, Bancroft School has worked to combine both these goals - community service and project-based learning - and has transformed the last two months of the senior year experience, to the benefit of our seniors and the Greater Worcester community.
UCONN seniors can take a one-credit Senior Year Experience class, which covers life skills ranging from resume writing to personal financial management.
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