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Mach also associated convergence and divergence with sensation and perception as Berkeley had.
As we explore the principles that underlie sensation and perception, modern researchers come to conclusions that support multimodal perceptual theory, further reinforcing Berkeley's perspective.
Schwartz and Krantz present a primary textbook for undergraduate psychology courses in sensation and perception, hoping that it can work equally well in large lecture courses at public universities and in small seminars at private colleges.
If neuroscience is the face of the human coin, sensation and perception is its flip side, and the author does a wonderful job bringing it to life in all its mystery and glory.
This textbook helps psychology students to understand the science behind sensation and perception. Illustrated throughout with color photographs and diagrams, the volume distills the latest research to reveal how people sense and interpret things in their environment.
Monell's research programs on sensation and perception focuse on how humans recognize, perceive and respond to tastes, odors and chemical irritants.
Foundations of Sensation and Perception, 3rd Edition
A textbook written by experts on human senses and how they relate to one another, the second edition of this survey of major topics in the field of sensation and perception includes a new chapter on the vestibular system and revisions to reflect current advances.
Schwartz and Krantz offer this sensation and perception text intended for a focused undergraduate course on the topic.
Harris presents this sensation and perception text with an emphasis on experimental methods used to elucidate accepted knowledge.
This textbook on sensation and perception includes classic and new studies, facts, themes, principles, and demonstrations and research methods.