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SOHFSense of Humour Failure
SOHFSociety of Harmonious Fists (martial arts; Universal City, TX)
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I think there's been a sense of humour failure on behalf of the police," the Telegraph quoted Maureen O'Brien, buying director for Joy, as saying.
Seems like Ebay suffered a sense of humour failure.
LIBERAL Demo-prat Bob Russell had a sense of humour failure when we told some good-natured Essex girl gags last week.
The face of the former Northern Ireland Secretary as seen on TV when the result was announced was that of a man suffering from a terminal sense of humour failure.
The sense of humour failure of the Ice Cream Alliance is not, however, one of them.
Jenny Bremner, the frosty cardiac consultant who makes Holby's Jac Naylor look warm and cuddly by comparison, is driving her anaesthetist boyfriend Larry mad with her controlling behaviour and general sense of humour failure.
Coun Reid insisted the message was simply a joke, and accused the Tory group of having a sense of humour failure.
RB says: I certainly had a sense of humour failure when Sven (left) started bleating about how "stressful" and "awful" his year out of work had been.
Is this a familiar inconsistency on her part or just a sense of humour failure
Morning misery is rife, with almost half of Brits (45%) admitting they have a total sense of humour failure first thing in the morning, which often lasts until lunchtime.