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[SHR.sub.tot] = sensible heat ratio for the total heat load
Using a sensible heat ratio of 0.89, the supply air has a dew-point temperature of 25[degrees]F (-4[degrees]C), and the indoor relative humidity is maintained at 17%.
Higher sensible heat ratios on the coils (lower latent cooling capability);
AHUs with RAB are initially applied on constant-volume (CV) systems, which serve spaces with light latent loads with the space sensible heat ratio (SHR) more than 0.7 (AAON 2016).
Using the same 0.7 sensible heat ratio and lab space temperature setpoint of 74[degrees]F (23.3[degrees]C), the space conditions will result in a space humidity of 40% RH and a dew point of 48[degrees]F (8.9[degrees]C).
[SHR.sub.max] is the allowed maximum sensible heat ratio, which corresponds to a minimum dehumidification level.
T = temperature a-d = regression coefficients COP = coefficient of performance SHR = sensible heat ratio W = power consumption NTU = number of transfer units f = correction factor h = moist air enthalpy BF = bypass factor Q = capacity V = volumetric flowrate across indoor unit heat exchanger [omega] = humidity ratio Subscripts
Higher sensible heat ratio was a common feature among the best performing units, as were brushless dc variable-speed fan motors, more efficient heat exchangers, and furnace fan control modifications.
Taken as a whole, the biowall has a sensible heat ratio of 32%.
Conventional unitary air-conditioning equipment has a sensible heat ratio (SHR) that is typically 0.70 to 0.75 at standard AHRI rating conditions.
The process line between "Fan Heat" and the point labeled "Room Conditions" is based on the desired room temperature of 75[degrees]F (23.8[degrees]C) dry bulb and a sensible heat ratio of 92%.
Iterations occur when the predicted sensible heat ratio (SHR) is greater than or equal to 1.