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SCIFSensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCIFState Compensation Insurance Fund
SCIFStem Cell Instrumentation Foundry (California)
SCIFSecure Compartmentalized Information Facility
SCIFSeed Co-Investment Fund (New Zealand Venture Investment Fund)
SCIFSmall Cap India ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)
SCIFSunshine Coast Institute of Football (Australia)
SCIFSouth Coast Intensive Final (UK)
SCIFSindicato da Carreira de Investigação e Fiscalização (Portugal, Union of the Career of Inquiry and Fiscalização)
SCIFSpacecraft Interface
SCIFSingle Console Image Facility
SCIFSpecial Classified Intelligence Facility (common but incorrect)
SCIFSupply Chain Innovation Forum
SCIFSustainable Communities Initiative Fund
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That second staff position highlights another hot-button budget issue: The Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility at NCUA headquarters, which will cost more than $1.
Each BCT MI Company, each BfSB, each MI BN, and each Division headquarters are equipped with a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, are connected to the enterprise, and are capable of deploying into the contemporary operating environment with full situational awareness.
The NCUA said its Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility was required by both executive order and legislation, and the agency is among the last to have such a facility.
Obtained admission relating to the smuggling of TS documents from a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF).
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