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SFHSingle Family Home
SFHSmoke-Free Home (initiative)
SFHStrike Force Heroes (gaming)
SFHStronger Faster Healthier (Maine Natural Health)
SFHSociété de Financement de l’Habitat (French financing company)
SFHSociety for Family Health
SFHSaint Francis Hospital (several in US)
SFHSociété Française d'Hématologie (French: French Society of Hematology)
SFHSony Financial Holdings, Inc. (Japan)
SFHSkills for Health (UK)
SFHSt. Francis House (various locations)
SFHSenior Friendly Hospital (Canada)
SFHSlow Frequency Hopping
SFHSecurity Forces Hospital (Saudi Arabia)
SFHSent from Hell (gaming clan)
SFHSymphysis-Fundal Height
SFHSyndicat Français de l'Hôtellerie (French: French Union of Hotels)
SFHSidney Frank Hall (Brown Univeristy; Providence, RI)
SFHSociété Française d'Hypnose (French: French Society of Hypnosis)
SFHSoros Foundation-Hungary (est. 1984)
SFHSupport for Healing (Facebook group)
SFHSociété Française d'Hémaphérèse (French: French Society for Hemapheresis)
SFHSpectrum Flight Hour
SFHSoftware-Friendly Hardware
SFHState Forensic Hospital (Michigan)
SFHSafe Flight Hour
SFHSociété Forezienne Hydraulique (French hydraulics company)
SFHSweets from Heaven (various locations)
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5 MARCEL CARNE, LES VIS1TEURS DU SO1R (1942) This Vichy-era film tells the tale of two envoys sent from hell to disrupt a medieval wedding.
That 1986 disco anthem touched on AIDS in its lyrics"boys in the back room/ their house destroyed/ touch and kiss a stranger if all else fails/ hiding from the danger that's been sent from hell"but there's nothing mournful about it.
I WAS working through the exam, It was going rather well, Then question No 7 struck, A question sent from hell.
"Most men think of Jodie as this sex kitten sent from heaven but as far as I was concerned she was sent from hell.
The people, not knowing what to think, believe it is a curse or a supernatural being sent from hell.