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SACStrategic Air Command (now United States Strategic Command)
SACStudent Activities Center
SACSymposium on Applied Computing (ACM Symposium)
SACService à la Clientèle (French: Customer Service)
SACSan Antonio College (TX, USA)
SACSchool Advisory Council
SACSouth Atlantic Conference
SACSanta Ana College (California)
SACScottish Agricultural College (UK)
SACStudent Activities Council
SACStand Alone Complex (Ghost in the Shell anime)
SACSooner Athletic Conference (NAIA)
SACStudent Activities Committee
SACSt. Andrew's College (Ontario, Canada)
SACSpecial Area of Conservation (land designation)
SACScientific Advisory Committee
SACStudent Assistance Corporation (Wilkes Barre, PA)
SACSpecial Agent in Charge
SACSociety of Arts and Crafts (Boston, MA)
SACStudent Advisory Council
SACSanctuary Advisory Council
SACServicio de Atención al Cliente (Spanish: Customer Service)
SACSupreme Allied Commander
SACState Athletic Commission (various locations)
SACSchool-Age Care
SACSecurity Access Control (software)
SACSchweizer Alpen Club (German: Swiss Alps Club)
SACSouth Austin Campus (Austin, TX)
SACServiço de Atendimento Ao Cliente (Brazil)
SACShenyang Aircraft Corporation (China)
SACSexual Assault Coalition (various locations)
SACSelf-Assessment Checklist (various organizations)
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SACSummer Art Camp (various organizations)
SACScience Advisory Committee
SACSolar Activity Cycle (astronomy)
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SACSuperior Art Creations
SACSafety Awareness Campaign (various organizations)
SACStandardization Administration of China
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SACSchool Accountability Committee (Colorado)
SACStupid Auto Correct
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SACStatistical Analysis Center
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SACServing Area Concept
SACSystem Architecture Council
SACSelected Areas in Cryptography
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SACSurface Approximation Criteria
SACSet Associative Cache
SACSecurity Access Code
SACStorage Access Channel
SACStand Alone Client
SACSemi Automatic Coding
SACStorage Access Counter
SACSoftware Adaptive Cache
SACSingle Attachment Concentrator
SACSports Activity Coupe
SACService Access Controller
SACSymposium on Applied Computing
SACSpecial Analog Computer
SACSingle Address Code
SACSyrian American Council (est. 2005)
SACSouth African Conference (sports)
SACStudent Affairs Coordinator (various schools)
SACSwiss Alpine Club
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SACStop AIDS Campaign (UK)
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SACSimple API for CSS
SACSocial Action Community (various organizations)
SACSongwriters Association of Canada (Toronto, ON, Canada)
SACSenate Appropriations Committee (US)
SACStudent Association Council (various organizations)
SACScientific Advisory Council
SACSpace Applications Centre
SACSame As Cash
SACSn/Ag/Cu (Tin/Silver/Copper alloy)
SACSouthern Alberta Chapter (Alberta, Canada)
SACSteep and Cheap
SACSubscriber Acquisition Cost
SACSveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation (Swedish)
SACsecond amended complaint (legal)
SACState Aid Commission (various locations)
SACStudent Affiliate Chapter (various schools)
SACStudent Awards Committee (various locations)
SACSet Associative Cache (computing)
SACState Advisory Council
SACStudy Abroad Center (various schools)
SACSport Activity Coupe (BMW)
SACSoaring Association of Canada
SACSecond Amended Consolidated (class action lawsuits)
SACSaguaro Astronomy Club (Arizona)
SACStrict Avalanche Criterion
SACSingapore Association for Counselling
SACService Access Code
SACSenior Aircraftman (Royal Air Force rank)
SACSt Andrew's Cathedral (Singapore)
SACSafety Advisory Committee
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SACSpecialist Advisory Committee
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SACSealed Air Corporation
SACStructural Adjustment Credit (World Bank preferential loan for restructuring program)
SACSeismic Analysis Code
SACSmall Animal Clinic
SACSeasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis
SACSociety of American Foresters
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SACSubstrate-Assisted Catalysis
SACSecurities Association of China (est. 1991)
SACSite Advisory Committee
SACStrong Acid Cation
SACSouthern Air Command
SACSouthern AIDS Coalition (Birmingham, AL)
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SACSports Affairs Council (Taiwan)
SACStudent Administrative Council
SACSport, Arts and Culture (various locations)
SACStudent Assistance Counselor
SACSurface Air Consumption (SCUBA diving)
SACSpecial Area for Conservation
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SACSacatepéquez (Guatemala, territorial division)
SACSaint Aloysius College (various countries)
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SACStudent Advisement Center (various schools)
SACStandards Advisory Committee
SACSt. Anthony's College (San Jose, Antique, Philippines)
SACSexual Assault Centre (University of Aberta, Canada)
SACStaphylococcus Aureus Cowan
SACSenior Advisory Council
SACSingle Attachment Concentrator (FDDI)
SACSacagawea dollar coin
SACSchool Assessed Coursework
SACSafe Area of Computation
SACSurface Air Consumption (diving term for gas consumption at 1ATM)
SACSpace Activities Commission
SACSpace Applications Center (India)
SACSun Angle Calculator
SACSemi-Anechoic Chamber
SACSpecial Advisory Committee
SACSpecial Area Code
SACSpring Arbor College (Michigan, USA)
SACSymmetry Adapted Cluster
SACStudent Artist Competition (US Department of Education)
SACSummit Athletic Conference (Fort Wayne, IN, USA)
SACSelf-Aligned Contact
SACSavannah Air Center (Georgia)
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SACSpectral Absorption Coefficient
SACSecure Access Central (blog)
SACSociety for the Advancement of Consulting (East Greenwich, RI)
SACSafer Auckland City (New Zealand)
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SACSign Association of Canada (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
SACShuttle Action Center (US NASA)
SACSentencing Advisory Council (Victoria, Australia)
SACSmall Agency Council
SACSingle Annular Combustor
SACSyariah Advisory Council (Malaysia)
SACServicio de Atención al Consumidor (Spanish)
SACSubscription Acquisition Cost (service payment model)
SACShort Arm Cast (cast that extends from the knuckles to just below the elbow)
SACStatements of Accounting Concepts
SACSchweizer Aircraft Corporation (Elmira, NY)
SACSignatory Agency Committee (Washington)
SACSoup and Crackers
SACShakespeare Authorship Coalition
SACSenior Agent in Charge
SACSubject Advisory Committee
SACSecure Authenticated Channel
SACSatellite de Aplicaciones Cientificas
SACSpringfield Area Curriculum (Missouri)
SACSocial Action Contact (various organizations)
SACSecond Axial Carrier
SACSenior Acquisition Course
SACSeniors Advisory Committee (Windsor, ON, Canada)
SACSingapore Adventurers' Club (Singapore)
SACSectional Aeronautical Chart (VFR chart for pilots)
SACStores Account Code
SACSunset Athletic Club
SACSupporting Arms Coordinator
SACSaving and Credit (program)
SACSpecial Abilities Cluster (education)
SACSan Antonio Aguas Calientes (Guatemala)
SACStudent Association Committee
SACSuper Awesome Cool
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SACSingle Axis Cane
SACSEAOC ATC CUREe (steel project)
SACSecret Agent Clan (gaming group)
SACSolar Array Carrier
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SACSexual Assault Counsellor
SACSikorsky Aircraft Company
SACSite Activation Command
SACStandard Aircraft Characteristics
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SACSupport Aviation Company
SACScene-Of-Action Commander
SACStrategic Analysis Corporation
SACSaskatchewan Action Committee (women's rights group; Canada)
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SACStart Air Compressor
SACSatellite Access Controller
SACShort Access Code
SACScottish Automobile Club
SACStamford Athletic Club (Connecticut)
SACShipbuilding Association of Canada (Association de la Construction Navale du Canada)
SACSuspended and Canceled Pesticides
SACSiblings and Adult Children
SACSulfuric Acid Concentrate
SACSurface Aggregate Classification (Texas Department of Transportation)
SACSystematic Authentication Code
SACService Application Code
SACsixth amended complaint (legal)
SACScience Application Computer
SACSecondary Alternative Center (Harlingen, TX)
SACSingle Agency Check
SACScoot A Cheek (make space for someone to sit)
SACStandard Asset Customer
SACSteel Advisory Committee
SACSystem Auxiliary Computer
SACSystems Automation Course
SACSpecial Assignment Classroom
SACService d'Aide aux Consommateurs de Shawinigan (French: Service for Consumer Assistance of Shawinigan; Canada)
SACSoftware Advisory Channel
SACShelby American Inc. (car manufacturer)
SACSociety of Aerospace Communicators
SACScriptomatic Addressing Computer
SACSacramento, California - Executive (airport code)
SACSociety of Catholic Apostolate, Pallotines (religious order)
SACStrict Access Criterion
SACSisters of the Guardian Angel (religious order)
SACSprint Attended Conferencing
SACSurface Active Component (Drilling Mud Agents)
SACSummary Alarm Contacts (Ciena)
SACSurface Aviation Conference
SACSite Access Computer (Sprint)
SACStore And Clear Accumulator
SACSupply Administration Center
SACSubordinate Area Commander
SACSales Acquisition Cost
SACStorage Access Channel/Control
SACSuggestion Award Committee
SACSpecial Agricultural Committee (UK)
SACSlovak American Club
SACSynchronous to ATM Conversion (AT&T)
SACSMS Administration Center (Bellcore)
SACSt. Augustine Cruisers (Florida)
SACSubnet Access Controller
SACSystem Architecture Concept
SACSelective Area Coating
SACSociété Anonyme Commerciale
SACShanghai Agriculture Commission
SACStandard Activity Category
SACSystem Automation and Control
SACSupply Availability Card
SACSupreme Antiquities Council
SACSubstance Abuse Council/Counselor
SACSubaru Azur Club (French car club)
SACStarship Avalon Continuities (online roleplay guild)
SACSwedish Afghan Committee
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The Sentencing Advisory Council report confirmed that Tasmanias use of suspended sentences is higher than in all other Australian jurisdictions, and it's clear that changes are needed to restore community confidence in our justice system.
The announcement comes days after an analysis by the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council found nearly 1,500 children in that state had been found guilty of child exploitation offences, mostly for sexting-based offences.
For example, the Victorian Sentencing Advisory Council provides information in the form of "Sentencing Snapshots," which are brief statistical summaries of sentencing practices for the most commonly heard offenses.
15) Following recommendations from the Sentencing Advisory Council, (16) s 5(2)(daaa) was inserted into the Sentencing Act 1991 (Vic).
As part of our commitment to increasing public awareness of sentencing procedures and the administration of justice, the Palaszczuk Government reconstituted the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council.
The Honourable John Sulan QC has been appointed as the next chair of South Australias Sentencing Advisory Council.
On Tuesday, the Sentencing Advisory Council will hand down its report into mandatory prison sentences for serious child sex offenders, reflecting our commitment to better protect the Tasmanian community; Our major changes to the Education Act, to improve student results, will return to the House of Assembly for concurrence with the Upper House amendments, including the new "safety net" for the lower voluntary starting age; A final opportunity for Labor to reverse it's opposition to our strong policy of mandatory 6 months gaol for serious assaults on frontline workers including paramedics, nurses and midwives, child protection workers and correctional officers.
Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette DAth has announced the members of the Sentencing Advisory Council reinstated by the Palaszczuk Government.
These new sentencing alternatives have been welcomed by the legal fraternity and other stakeholders after being recommended by the Sentencing Advisory Council in response to my request to examine options for phasing out suspended sentences of imprisonment in Tasmania and introducing alternative sentencing options.
The advice of the Sentencing Advisory Council is that this unnecessarily restricts Courts from using their discretion not to record a conviction while also imposing a fine as an appropriate punishment for an offence.
In 2014, I asked the Tasmanian Sentencing Advisory Council to examine options for phasing out suspended sentences of imprisonment in Tasmania and introducing alternative sentencing options.
As we announced earlier this year, a range of new sentencing options will be implemented in Tasmania over the course of a five-year phase in period recommended by the Sentencing Advisory Council.