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The Sentencing Guidelines Council states that a maximum penalty for causing death by dangerous driving is 14 years in custody, with a starting point of eight years in custody.
The Sentencing Guidelines Council suggests that after a trial the sentence in your case would be a starting point of a year but I should consider a community order as well.
The learned judge will be guided, but not bound, by sentencing guidelines set down by the Sentencing Guidelines Council.
As with all other cases of its type the Learned Judge will be guided, but not bound, by sentencing guidelines set down by the Sentencing Guidelines Council.
The organisation was first created with the Criminal Justice Act in 2003 as the Sentencing Guidelines Council but was renamed in 2010.
181) In response, in 2003, Parliament created the Sentencing Guidelines Council ("SGC"), which now had the power to "create guidelines across a wide range of issues that are relevant to sentencing.
6) In 2003, the guidelines movement shifted up a gear when the Criminal Justice Act 2003 created a second statutory body, the Sentencing Guidelines Council (SGC).
He commented that the gross breach of the company's duty to Mr Wright was a grave offence, reflected by the size of the fine (although the Sentencing Guidelines Council recommends a starting point of pounds 500,000).
So it would appear that instead of keeping sentences to the minimum, as dictated by the Sentencing Guidelines Council - a body more interested in imposing tramlines than guidelines - longer sentences work better.
4) Sentencing Guidelines Council, Theft and Burglary in a building other than a dwelling, Definitive Guideline, December 2008, p.
ccording to Sentencing Guidelines Council, in cases where between 20,000 pounds and 100,000 pounds are stolen in a pre-planned fraud, judges should consider jail terms of between two and five years.
Sentencing Guidelines Council documents outline how those convicted of such crimes should receive a minimum of 18 months imprisonment.