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SENTSentier (French: Path; Canada Post street designation)
SENTSingle Edge Nibble Transmission (automotive applications)
SENTScripted Entity (gaming)
SENTSpecial Educational Needs Tribunal (UK)
SENTSanté Environnement Toxicologie (French: Sun Health, Environment Toxicology)
SENTSouth East New Territories (Hong Kong)
SENTSingle-Edge Notched Tensile
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de (I forget the name), in the Rue du Sentier; I owe him an amount, and he asked me to send it as soon as possible."
Most recently, Mehta served as executive vice president and chief regulatory strategist at Tang Capital Management, where he played a key role in the establishment of two biopharmaceutical companies, Odonate Therapeutics and Sentier Therapeutics.
Here you can yomp along the 2km Sentier des Douaniers - from Ploumanac'h Moors to Perros-Guirec - marvelling at 66ft-high pink granite boulders along the way.
For middle-age white men with only high school degrees--the core of President-elect Donald Trump's support--inflation-adjusted income fell 9 percent from 1996 through 2014, according to Sentier Research, an analytics firm.
As he expressed it 'All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.' Between 1883 and 1888 he wintered every year in Nice on the Cote d'Azur and most days he walked what is now called le sentier de Nietzsche (or Nietzsche's path), the rocky mountain trail on which he composed part of Thus Spake Zarethustra.
In the twenty-first century, however, Silicon Valley's competition has gotten fiercer - as reflected by the increasing number of locations affixing the chemical element to their names: Silicon Alley (New York), Silicon Wadi (Tel Aviv), Silicon Sentier (Paris), etc.
Synopsis: In "Gardening with the Moon & Stars", author and gardener Elen Sentier brings biodynamics to the ordinary gardener.
Based in Sentier district - one of the leading French Tech hubs in Paris - Player is claimed to bring together a community of change drivers with varying profiles: start-ups, social entrepreneurs, digital artists, researchers, futurists and large corporations.
In current dollars, the median household income of $54,417 remains about $1,800 below its late 2007 levels, according to Sentier Research.