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SPAFSeoul Performing Arts Festival (South Korea)
SPAFStroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation (study)
SPAFScottish Proposal Assistance Fund (Scottish Enterprise; UK)
SPAFSeattle Performing Arts Fellowship (Washington)
SPAFSasakawa Pan Asia Fund
SPAFSpontaneous Peak Alpha Frequency (neurophysiology)
SPAFSpontaneous Platelet Aggregating Factor
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Running concurrently with the conference (the first to be held in Asia) was the sixth annual edition of the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF), the nation's largest theatre festival, which takes place for a month at venues in downtown Seoul.
Amid this new fervor for culture, what makes the Seoul Performing Arts Festival unique is its scale, globalism and prestige.
These elemental rifts were frequently the subject, sometimes explicitly, sometimes not, of Korean theatre productions in the month-long Seoul Performing Arts Festival 2002 in June.
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