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The engineer general-service regiment and separate battalion were units that performed general engineer support functions for the corps and divisions, mainly road construction and maintenance.
The pre-World War II engineer force structure called for three general-service regiments, six separate battalions, and a number of special units, such as maintenance and supply companies, at the army level.
The 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers was formed in 1968 from the uniting of four separate battalions but can trace its history back to 1668.
The personnel belonging to separate battalions of Manipur Police and Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) were escorting vehicles carrying essential items from Jiribam when the disaster struck.
It's all about relationships and good or bad "personalities." The senior military police leaders from organizations (Directorate of Emergency Services; division provost marshal; separate battalions and brigades; U.S.
The equipment from the 1st Armored Division and numerous separate battalions and companies was loaded on board military and commercial vessels as part of the final push of U.S.
Camp Liberty (formally Camp Victory North) was home to the DMAIN, three brigade combat teams, five separate battalions, and a host of garrison activities.
Although they will retain their original titles, most of them will become separate battalions of "new" regiments.
That made us responsible for supporting a total of eight brigades, three separate battalions, and four separate companies.
In August, reinforcements joined Eighth Army, including firing batteries, bringing division field artillery battalions to full strength and providing separate battalions to serve as corps artillery.
The 4th Division took two reconnaissance platoons from the separate battalions and merged them with a command and a headquarters element to form the new BRT.