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A separate mechanized brigade of the operational command "East" completed the tasks of protecting the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine at the Svitlodarsky arc in July this year.
The multitudes of Lviv residents and guests of the city welcomed the applause of the parade columns of soldiers of 80 separate assault brigades of the SSW of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, infantry soldiers of the 24th separate mechanized brigade named after King Danylo, soldiers and officers of 703 separate engineering regiments and 704 separate shelters of the RCBZ, cadets The National Land Force Academy named after Hetman Petro Sagaidachny, soldiers-aviators, representatives of other military units and units, Lviv region.
The silver won a platoon of the 17th separate tank brigade, and the third place was taken by tankers of the 24th separate mechanized brigade. At the end of the competition there were demonstration tactical exercises of a consolidated tank company in various types of combat.
30 individual mechanized Novograd-Volyn Rivne brigade an honorary name "the name of Prince Konstantin Ostrozky" and then to name it - 30 separate mechanized brigade named after Prince Konstantin Ostrozky;