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SABScientific Advisory Board
SABScience Advisory Board (EPA)
SABStaff Accounting Bulletin
SABStudent Activities Board
SABSchool of American Ballet
SABSwitched at Birth
SABStudy Abroad
SABSkeptic's Annotated Bible
SABSociedade Astronomica Brasileira (Portuguese: Brazilian Astronomical Society)
SABSystem Advisory Board
SABSingle Amplifier Biquadratic
SABStrategic Advisory Board
SABSession Awareness Block
SABSource Address Bus
SABSupervisory Alarm Battery
SABSync Address Bus
SABSecondary Application Block
SABStack Access Block
SABSatellite Analysis Branch (NOAA)
SABSuper Adventure Box (gaming)
SABSoprano, Alto, Baritone (sheet music parts)
SABSame As Above
SABSerum Antibody
SABSpontaneous Abortion
SABSchool Administration Building (various locations)
SABSeparated At Birth
SABSpecial Administrative Board (Missouri)
SABSamuel Adams Beer (Boston, MA)
SABService Area Boundary (telecommunications)
SABSide Air Bag
SABStart at Beginning
SABSouth African Breweries PLC
SABShort-Acting Bronchodilator (inhaler)
SABSame As Before
SABSocially Acceptable Behavior (psychology test)
SABSaba Island, Netherlands Antilles (Airport Code)
SABSteve A. Baker (game designer)
SABState Anatomical Board (various locations)
SABStandard Air Bag
SABSaskatchewan Archives Board (Canada)
SABSpace Age Bachelor
SABStudio Arts Building (various schools)
SABSaskatchewan Arts Board
SABSemi-Autonomous Body (various locations)
SABSensor/Actuator Bus
SABSoprano Alto Bass (sheet music parts)
SABSociété Astronomique de Bourgogne (French: Astronomical Society of Burgundy)
SABStatutory Accident Benefit (insurance; Canada)
SABSpacecraft Assembly Building (Jet Propulsion Laboratory; US NASA)
SABStandards Activity Board (IEEE Computer Society)
SABSpecial Advisory Board
SABSwiss American Bank
SABSeparate Armored Brigade
SABSmoke A Blunt
SABSelf Activating Bell
SABSociedad Anónima Bursátil
SABSupplemental Aid to the Blind
SABSubject As Above
SABSpace Applications Board
SABSolidarite Afghanistan Belgium
SABSell A Band (website)
SABSmoke A Bowl
SABSatellite Assembly Building (NASA)
SABStick Arena Ballistick (video game)
SABStorage and Assembly Building (NASA)
SABSerious Aeolian Belfry (band)
SABServer Address Book
SABSuperior Auto Body
SABSafety Authorization Basis
SABSiege Assault Bot (gaming, Supreme Commander)
SABShared Avionics Bench
SABSell At Best
SABSelf Abusive Behaviour
SABScrabble Advisory Board
SABSecretarial Advisory Board
SABSpecial Actions Branch
SABSaudi Agricultural Bank
SABSelf Adjusting Brake (ratcheting device)
SABStrong Base Anion
SABSpecial Accounts Blanks (SOEX)
SABSuDS (Sustainable Drainage System) Approving Body (UK)
SABSingapore Armor Battalion
SABSystem Analysis Branch
SABShanghai Audit Bureau
SABSexy American Boyfriend
SABSuwon Air Base (Suwon City, Kyong-Gi Province, ROK)
SABSound Attenuation Batts
SABSniper At Bay
SABStress Assessment Battery
SABStrategic Aligned Business
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Separated at Birth captures heart-warming stories of family reunions.
DNA tests have now confirmed the stunned sisters' suspicions they are actually non-identical twins, who were separated at birth.
The musical tells the story of the Johnstone twins who are separated at birth and end up at different ends of the social spectrum before they are reunited by fate.
This World reveals the impact of Spain's stolen baby scandal through the eyes of the children and parents who were separated at birth, and are now desperate to find their relatives.
AN AWARD-WINNING tale of twin boys separated at birth has made a return to Rhyl.
While genetics play a role in longevity, a Swedish study of identical twins separated at birth showed that only about 20-30% of longevity is genetically determined, with lifestyle being a more dominant factor.
After she left the stage, Diplo, her then boyfriend and DJ, put on Ciara's '"Goodies." "Galang"'s mainstream twin, separated at birth. The next time I saw MIA perform just a single song, it was on TV at the Grammys.
Spanish twins who were separated at birth because of a hospital error are suing for millions of euros in damages, as is a third woman who grew up thinking she was one of the twins.
Recently in Britain a twin brother and sister, conceived normally but separated at birth, later met and unknowingly married.
When the men were in their 30s, it was learned that George and Brent were identical twins separated at birth and neither was related to Marcus.
Participants in a study comparing the effects of nature versus nurture, Schein and her twin sister, Paula Bernstein, had been separated at birth, adopted by two families, and given no knowledge of the other's existence.
Separated at birth - and by a mere 72 years: Jan Kubelik and John Francome are dead-ringers, says Les Taylor