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SEPETSystem Electrical Performance and Evaluation Test
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The Arbios product candidate portfolio includes the SEPET Liver Assist Device, a novel blood purification therapy that provides enhanced "liver dialysis," and the HepatAssist Cell-Based Liver Support System, a bioartificial liver that combines blood detoxification with liver cell therapy to replace whole liver function in patients with the most severe forms of liver failure.
Helmer's deft hand with thesps, graceful stylistic fillips and warmth toward characters make "Sepet" a sharply crafted pleasure, marred only by closing histrionics that seem imported from another movie.
They use it for the preparation of large flower arrangements called celenk (for funerals) or sepet (for celebrations such as weddings or male circumcision ceremonies).
Seramik yapimi yaninda kadinlarin dokumacilik ve sepet Yapimi gibi ev yasaminin temel ihtiyaci olan isleri de daha Neolitik Cag'dan itibaren yaptiklari sanilir.
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(25) Nor is there any evidence from Donington or elsewhere to support Marius Sepet's wellknown conjecture that the episodes featuring Nebuchadnezzar and certain other prophets eventually detached themselves from the Ordo Prophetarum, expanded into independent Latin plays, and then somehow reunited to form the core of the large-scale vernacular biblical cycles of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.