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SEQUALSeasonal Equatorial Atlantic Experiment
SEQUALSeasonal Response of the Equatorial Atlantic (experiment)
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Criteria for inclusion were: facility philosophy that supports an holistic approach tocare; management team supportive of the SEQUAL proposal; facility manager in place for six monthsor more; approved by District Health Board (DHB) funding with a review cycle of three years or more and general practitioner (GP) or nurse practitioner (NP) supportive of the project.
Medical equipment provider CAIRE Inc, a subsidiary of Chart Industries Inc (Nasdaq: GTLS), has completed the acquisition of United States-based SeQual Technologies Inc, a supplier of air separation systems for various sectors and a developer of medical oxygen systems.
141) Nicole Rich and Kieran Dell, SEQUAL, 'Reverse Mortgages
Initiatives such as SEQuaL, which offers workshops for K-12 teachers and administrators in Pennsylvania, are a start for in-service training.
Desert Hollywood is the sequal to last market's Hollywood luxury collection.
213) misidentify Piccinni's La buona moglie, performed during spring 1765, confusing this sequal to La buona figliuola with its more famous predecessor.
The funding campaign was arranged by The Sequal Trust which helps families.
Ian Jobling, 41, and his wife Susan, 40, launched online cycle store Sequal Retrobikes in January this year, with support from Sunderland City Council.
Summary: The second sequal in the teen Vampire love saga, Twilight: New Moon comes soon.
By working together, SeQual gains immediate access to the well-respected and experienced AOTI organization.