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SQNSequence Number
SQNSine Qua Non
SQNSequoyah Nuclear Plant (Tennessee)
SQNSociété Québécoise de Néphrologie (French: Quebec Nephrology Society; Canada)
SQNSchool Quota Number (military)
SQNStrange Quark Nugget
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This system receives two input parameters from the neighbor table which are Forward Packet Ratio and Average Destination Sequence Number and offer only one output parameter, Fidelity Level to check if a node malicious or normal.
The backup forward route will be updated if a further B-RREP packet which has a higher sequence number or the same sequence number with a lower hop count is received.
When a node receives the query packet, It first checks the sender id, query sequence number with the entries in the message cache.
Wseq= the weight of the sequence number Now W1 is calculated according to the equation number
The all-received-up-to field, or aru, of the token enables a processor to determine, after a full token rotation, a sequence number so that all processors on the ring have received all messages with lower sequence numbers.
Coded like this, the data would be recognizable only by sequence number and participants knew only their own.
where the subscript i refers to plant i; subscript j refers to inspection sequence number j; m, n and o are indices of the dummy variable sequences; [y.
At the LEADER node: estimated node weight (+ [infinity]), upstream node id (NULL), tree level (0), LEADER node id (self) and sequence number (the latest sequence number informed by the sink node through the TREEINITIATE message for the new tree to be configured).
A mesh station updates its current path to the root mesh STA if and only if the PREQ contains a greater HWMP sequence number, or if the HWMP sequence number is the same as the current path and the PREQ offers a better path metric than the current path to the root mesh STA.
After the first ring, the unit displays caller name (where service is available), number, date, time of call, call sequence number and which line the call came in on.
Each anode is given a melt and sequence number traceable to analytical and electrochemical data.
The host computer generates the labels, which contain information on style number, sequence number, and plant number.