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SERAFSouth East Rural Affairs Forum (Government Office for the Southeast; UK)
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Jan Coles, manager of Barnardo's Seraf Service, said: "A frightening number of children who go missing repeatedly are found to have been sexually exploited.
Barnardo's Seraf Service addresses sexual exploitation
Seraf manager Emma James added: "One of our main aims in the service is to empower young people and support them in expressing and communicating how they feel.
55 million mandated SERAF payment to the state last year and pay the final SERAF payment of slightly over $300,000 this month.
Barnardo's Cymru Seraf service is the only dedicated service which helps victims of child sexual exploitation throughout Wales.
Money raised will help us run one of our 88 services across Wales including Seraf, an all Wales service which helps children and young people who are currently being sexually exploited or are in danger of such exploitation.
West Darfur is not the only region affected by random attacks, as armed men opened heavy fires in all three Seraf Umra camps (Donkoj, Naseem and Jebel), North Darfur.
The commission utilized an inter-fund borrowing from its low and moderate income housing fund to make the required SERAF payment.
The manager of Barnardo's Cymru's Seraf service, which helps child victims of trafficking, said charities in Wales and elsewhere need to "collectively stand together" if they have a hope in stopping trafficking.
It has been organised by Barnardo's Cymru's Seraf Project, a specialist service which works with vulnerable young people.