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SERAMSociedad Española de Radiología Médica
SERAMSoutheast Regional Atheist Meet (convention)
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The tiny island of Kilwaru off the eastern tip of Seram was one of the islands frequently mentioned in the VOC accounts as an important trading site, and in the seventeenth century it sent some ten ships annually to Uring and Hote on the island of Seram to obtain Papuan goods from New Guinea.
KUFPEC has a topping plant on Seram island which can turn 18,000 b/d of crude oil into naphtha and HSFO.
Seram Island is in a transition area between the Australian and the Oriental regions, so that the new species has to be included in both zoogeographical regions.
33) Domokos CLa morfologia verbale" 268) notes the only future forms for essere in Bonvesin are: sero, serd, sera, seram and seran.
But the return of Indika de Seram made the big difference.
In Maluku, road networks will be built on the islands of Buru, Seram, and Halmahera, as well as in Ambon and nearby towns.
Similarly, we can be proud of the fact that exceptionally talented artistes from South Asia like Zubin Mehta, Rohan de Seram and Rohad de Silva have made an indelible mark in the world of Western music.
Fiquei satisfeita, realizei o trabalho Sireito e Seram boss resultaSos [.
His diaries, which cover three expeditions, reveal an engagingly enthusiastic mind: his first outing was to examine an oilfield on the island of Seram, and not only was he pleased to discover that the island was 'geologically almost unknown', he didn't appear too distressed by the codicil: 'It was said that its inhabitants were still mainly head-hunters.
Police in Indonesia's Maluku provincial town Masohi on the island of Seram detained a Christian teacher Tuesday for allegedly inciting a riot that left at least one church and 42 houses burned and five people injured.
In his chapter 'Local and scientific understanding of forest diversity on Seram, eastern Indonesia', Ellen writes about how colonial forestry science and cartography were combined to 'scientifically' produce generic forest types of practical value to science and industry.
sagu is found and used all over the north and central Moluccas (especially on Halmahera, Buru, Seram and Ambon-Lease, Bacan, Sula and Obi), and in Aru.