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SCRSilicon-Controlled Rectifier
SCRSwipe Card Reader
SCRSelective Catalytic Reduction
SCRScript (File Name Extension)
SCRSeychelles Rupee (ISO currency code)
SCRSummary Care Record (National Health Service; UK)
SCRSenate Concurrent Resolution
SCRSouth Coast Repertory (Costa Mesa, CA)
SCRSmart Card Reader
SCRStandby Continuous Replication (computing)
SCRSteel Catenary Riser (oil production)
SCRSerum Creatinine
SCRSouth Central Region (various organizations)
SCRSolar Cosmic Ray (astrophysics)
SCRStem Cell Research
SCRSerial Control Register (computer programming)
SCRSerbo-Croatian (linguistics)
SCRSecurity Council Resolution (United Nations)
SCRSignal Corps Radio (US Army)
SCRSystem Clock Reference
SCRSystem Configuration Repository
SCRSilicon Controlled Rectifier
SCRStandby Continuous Replication
SCRSmart Contrast Ratio
SCRSignal to Crosstalk Ratio
SCRSustained Cell Rate
SCRSymantec Certified Reseller
SCRSci Baud Rate
SCRScreen Saver
SCRSouth Central Railway
SCRStrip Chart Recorder
SCRSex Combs Reduced (characterised in drosophila)
SCRSenior Common Room (UK university)
SCRService Credit
SCRSustainable Cell Rate
SCRSkin Conductance Response (detection of brain activity)
SCRShort Consensus Repeat
SCRSchool Club Roundup (amateur radio)
SCRSystem Change Request
SCRSteel Catenary Riser
SCRSpace City Rock (e-zine)
SCRSupply Chain Relationship (logistics)
SCRSoftware Change Request
SCRSouth Circular Road (Dublin, Ireland)
SCRSpace Charge Region
SCRSimon City Royals (gang)
SCRSoftware Controlled Radio
SCRSocio-Cultural Research
SCRServer Certificate Request
SCRSorry, Couldn't Resist
SCRSoftware Cost Reduction
SCRStandard Contribution Rate
SCRSpecific Commodity Rate (shipping)
SCRSchedule Change Request (various organizations)
SCRSolvency Capital Requirements
SCRSelective Call Rejection (also seen as SCRJ; telecommunications)
SCRSemi-closed Circuit Rebreather (SCUBA)
SCRSea Containers Ltd.
SCRSupplementary Concept Record (US NIH)
SCRSignal to Clutter Ratio
SCRSupreme Court Reporter
SCRSystem Concept Review
SCRSelective Chopper Radiometer
SCRShort Circuit Ratio
SCRStandard Context Routing
SCRSingle-Channel Radio
SCRScience & Consciousness Review (journal)
SCRStreet Car Racing
SCRSave the Children Romania (human rights organization)
SCRSite Characterization Report
SCRSenior Combination Room (some UK universities)
SCRSales Call Report (various companies)
SCRSequence Control Register
SCRSpecial Contract Requirement (US DoD)
SCRSwitched Central Resource
SCRSaturable Core Reactor
SCRSecond Creek Raceway (Colorado)
SCRSpecial Certification Review
SCRSource Controlled Rate Operation (3GPP)
SCRService Commun des Relations Extérieures (French)
SCRSpecial Casualty Representative (UK Maritime Law)
SCRScience Concept Review
SCRSummary Control Report (US Navy)
SCRSupplier Change Request
SCRScientific Council Research Documents (NAFO)
SCRStudent Competency Record (education)
SCRSurface Contour Radar
SCRSenior Command Representative
SCRService Change Request
SCRSolar Cosmic Radiation
SCRService Call Rate
SCRStar Crest Recipient (United States Parachute Association)
SCRSystem Control Room
SCRSpecification Change Request
SCRSupply Chain Reliability
SCRSchedule Confirmation Request
SCRSource Code Record
SCRSonar Control Room
SCRSystems Clock Reference (MPEG systems)
SCRSlow Circulating Rate (oil industry)
SCRScientific Computing and Research, Inc.
SCRSuper Coupe Romande (French hockey tournament)
SCRSecurity Change Request
SCRService Call Request
SCRSurface Coverage Ratio (land development ratio of impervious cover to the overall lot area)
SCRGeneral Service, Supply Corps (US Navy)
SCRStaffield Country Resort (Malaysia)
SCRSpecial Certification Roster (aviation maintenance)
SCRStudent Council Resolution
SCRSystem Conceptual Requirements
SCRSend a Cow Rwanda
SCRSpatial Coherence Region
SCRSerial Console Redirection (Agilent)
SCRSwitch Configuration Register
SCRSignal Conditioner and Receiver
SCRSurgical Case Review (medicine)
SCRSpecification Change Report
SCRSoftware/Source Change Request
SCRSteam Cooled Roof
SCRSystem Concept Report
SCRSociety of Cultural Relations
SCRSoftware Corrective Report/Request
SCRShip-to-Component Record
SCRSodium-Controlled Reactor
SCRSigno de Cuasireflejo (Spanish grammar)
SCRSubmission Change Request
SCRSecondary Clock Reference
SCRSquare Correlation Ratio
SCRSuccess Call Ratio (telecommunications)
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The objective evaluation of the models obtained for the Serbian language was performed and the quantitative measures obtained in terms of RMSE, MAE and CC are comparable with or even outperform those reported in the literature for different languages, including Czech [8], Greek [9]-[11], Lithuanian [12], Serbo-Croatian [13], Korean [14], Turkish [15] and Indian languages Hindi and Telugu [16], developed using regression trees.
Until its secession from SFRY, the official designation in Croatia was Croatian literary language also known as Croatian or Serbian (see below Table 1), a cumbersome term that was a compromise between the Yugoslav Communist Party's preference for Serbo-Croatian and Croatian linguists' advocacy of the formulation Croatian literary language (Babic, 1990).
In a more sophisticated scholarly work, the use of precise Serbo-Croatian letters such as "c' and "z" would be expected, and some of Batty's statements should be questioned, such as the assertion that Mihailovic had studied Hitler's Mein Kampf or that the "Communists and Ustashi" were natural allies (48, 39).
SOUNDBITE 2 Kalin Babusku (man), official of the Macedonian factory "Mama's" (Serbo-croatian, 16 secs):
Conversations with refugee female teachers from Quebec, on the other hand, were held in the Serbo-Croatian language due to my language limitations in French.
Likewise he mutates from an Anglophone American to a fluent speaker of local languages -- the film speaks Bulgarian, Albanian, Serbo-Croatian, Romanian and, briefly, Kurdish as well as English and Greek.
Language: Montenegrin (Serbo-Croatian) is the official language but English is widely spoken.
(English, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, Serbo-Croatian dialogue)
Oddly, there was a "foreign language film" from the USA--it was filmed in Bosnia in Serbo-Croatian but directed by Angelina Jolie.
The film's cast are all local actors who lived through the conflict as the former Yugoslavia was ripped apart, and the movie was made in Bosnia and Budapest, in two languages: English and Serbo-Croatian.
In the Victorian HSC, several Balto-Slavic languages, including Czech, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian were introduced, as well as Turkish and Modern Greek in the mid 1970s.
His background dictates he is able to communicate with Djokovic in Serbo-Croatian and, having been approached by Djokovic about being his hitting partner ahead of an exhibition match in Kooyong, their relationship has flourished.