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SRFState Revolving Fund (US Environmental Protection Agency)
SRFSelf-Realization Fellowship
SRFSecretaria da Receita Federal (Brazil)
SRFSweden Rock Festival (music festival)
SRFSubretinal Fluid
SRFSpecial Revenue Fund
SRFSerum Response Factor
SRFScientific Research Foundation (various organizations)
SRFSlow Release Fertilizer (agriculture)
SRFStress Reduction Factor
SRFStatus Report Frame
SRFSymbol Registration File
SRFSun Raster File
SRFService Request Form
SRFSupplemental Reserve Facility (International Monetary Fund)
SRFSenior Research Fellow
SRFSpec Racer Ford (Spec car racing series)
SRFSocial Research Foundation (Forest Hills, NY)
SRFSuperconducting Radio Frequency
SRFStudent Research Forum (various schools)
SRFSelf Review Framework (education)
SRFSelf-Resonant Frequency
SRFSociété des Réalisateurs de Films (French: Company Filmmakers)
SRFShort Rotation Forestry
SRFSolid Recovered Fuel
SRFShip Repair Facility
SRFScholar Rescue Fund (Institute of International Education)
SRFSet Returning Function (computer programming)
SRFSocial Responsibility Forum (various organizations)
SRFScience Research Fund (various locations)
SRFShared Resource Facility (Mount Sinai School of Medicine; New York, NY)
SRFSurvey Report Form
SRFSpecialized Resource Function
SRFStandardbred Retirement Foundation
SRFScleroderma Research Foundation
SRFSociety for Reproduction and Fertility (UK)
SRFSalmonid Restoration Federation
SRFSpecifically Routed Frame
SRFStrategic Reserve Force
SRFSnake River Farms (Boise, Idaho)
SRFService Resource Function
SRFStream Register File
SRFSpecial Revenue, Federal
SRFSelf-Reliant Film (blog)
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SRFSpecial Resource Function
SRFSelected Reserve Force
SRFSlow Recovery Foam
SRFStudent Request Form (various schools)
SRFSubmarine Repair Facility (US Navy)
SRFStrategic Rocket Force
SRFSiebel Repository File
SRFService Response Force
SRFSvenska Rugbyförbundet (Swedish Rugby Club)
SRFSpas Research Fellowship (UK)
SRFSecure Reserve Force
SRFSeries Resonance Frequency
SRFScottish Rite Foundation
SRFSpatial Receptive Field
SRFSummary Reference File
SRFStaff Requisition Form
SRFSignaling Relaying Function
SRFStock Record File
SRFSize Reduction Facility
SRFStandard Reference Files
SRFSIGINT Readiness Facility
SRFSoftware Recovery Facility
SRFService Record File
SRFSociété Réthaise de Filets (French fishing company)
SRFStandard Reference Material Failed
SRFSugar Rush Forums
SRFSub-Regional Forecast
SRFSecond Rate of Failure
SRFShare Redemption Fund
SRFSecond Revised Forecast (finance)
SRFSmall Rubber Feet
SRFShield Replacement Fabric
SRFSoil Remineralization Forum (UK)
SRFShared Resource Funds
SRFShaped Radio Frequency signal
SRFSystem Release Form
SRFSystem Recovery Factor
SRFSupplement Research Foundation (dietary supplements)
SRFStation de Recherches Forestières (French: Forest Research Station; Belgium)
SRFSociété Royale Forestière (French: Royal Forestry Society; Belgium)
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When we have zero immittances, the series resonance frequency [[omega]] and parallel resonance frequency [[omega]] are obtained.
(5) Find zero points of [] and [] using interpolation method to determine series resonance frequency [[omega]] and parallel resonance frequency [[omega]].
The series resonance frequency is inversely proportional to [(LC).sup.1/2], where L is the effective series inductance of the capacitor, and thus increases as the capacitance drops.
For a synthesizer frequency of 375 MHz, the VCXO is operating 21 kHz lower than its series resonance frequency. Therefore, it is pulled -0.1 percent and this condition is where SSB noise is at its highest power levels.