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SERTSerotonin Transporter
SERTSSP (Space Solar Power) Exploratory Research and Technology
SERTState Emergency Response Team
SERTSpecial Emergency Response Team
SERTSpecial Education Resource Teacher (Canada)
SERTSheriff's Emergency Response Team
SERTSpace Electric Rocket Test
SERTSecurity Emergency Response Team
SERTSLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) Emergency Response Team
SERTSpecial Equestrian Riding Therapy
SERTStudent Emergency Response Team
SERTSchool Emergency Response Team
SERTSeabee Engineering Reconnaissance Team (US DoD)
SERTSeratonin Transporter
SERTSociete d'Etudes et de Realisations Techniques (French)
SERTSpace Electrochemical Research and Technology
SERTSpinning Satellite for Electric Rocket Test
SERTSoftware Engineering Research and Technology
SERTSATCOM Engineering Response Team
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The researchers have cautioned that "we do not presume that changes in SERT activity alone are sufficient to induce the full spectrum of depression traits, nor that our animal model can reproduce all the elements of a complex neuropsychiatric disorder.
At Jel Sert we are open to exploring all private label initiatives in the freezer pop category, whether they are standard or custom.
Organizations were invited to participate in this first SERT beta based on their involvement with ENERGY STAR, their interest in power/performance measurement for servers, and a willingness to provide feedback in areas such as usability, ease of configuration, platform compatibility, and functionality.
Referring the recent incidents in countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt, Sert said, "there is a troublesome process in those countries however all those are temporary.
He applauded the efforts of NDMA and its partners for launching of first ever National Roster on SERT.
Conclusions: By elevating the amount of 5-HT and modulating 5-HT[sub]2AR and SERT levels in serum and platelets, XinLingWan and sertraline were found to exert pretreatment effect on rat models of MI and/or depression.
Despite the resistance ISIS faced in Derna town, after the armed Libyan militias forced them out of the town and achieved victory ISIS is now back in Derna and partial in sert which is half way between Tripoli and Benghazi.
BRE[pounds sterling]KSEL (CyHAN)- Avrupa Parlamentosu YeE-iller Grubu eE-baE-kany Rebecca Harms, Today's Zaman Gazetesi Genel Yayyn YE[micro]netmeni BE-lent KeneE-'in tutuklanmasyna sert tepki gE[micro]sterdi.
Andria recupere le cuir et sert sur un plateau Nadji.
Robert de Montesquiou, l'homme dont Proust se sert pour creer le personnage de Charlus, a ecrit la preface du catalogue d'une exposition Moreau.
Une source haut placee au ministere de l'Industrie, de l'Energie et des Mines , citee par Attounssia, a declare qua la crise en Ukraine sert les interets de la Tunisie dans la mesure ou en cas de rupture des livraisons du gaz ukrainien a l'Europe, les pays du Continent seront obliges de se rabattre sur le gaz algerien vendu a l'Italie .
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi foreign ministry denounced the assassination of an Iraqi professor in Libyan Sert city.