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SDOSolar Dynamics Observatory (satellite)
SDOSoftware Development Outsourcing
SDOService Data Object
SDOSan Diego Opera (San Diego, CA)
SDOSuper Dancer Online (gaming)
SDOSoftware Defined Operations (Cisco)
SDOSerial Data Out
SDOService Driven Operations
SDOStandard Development Organization
SDOSpatial Data Option
SDOSuper Distributed Objects
SDOServer Data Object
SDOSequential Data Set Output
SDOState Demography Office (Colorado)
SDOSpecial Duty Officer (various armed forces)
SDOStandards Development Organisation (various organizations)
SDOSerial Data Output
SDOSoftware Delivery Optimization (Borland)
SDOSocial Dominance Orientation (psychology)
SDOSub Divisional Officer (india)
SDOStaff Duty Officer
SDOScreen Door Open (golf; Texas)
SDOSavoy Dance Orchestra (Germany)
SDOService Delivery Objective
SDOStrategic Debriefing Officer (US DoD)
SDOSupport Development Officer (UK)
SDOScattered Disk Object
SDOSquadron Duty Officer
SDOServices Designated Official
SDOService Delivery Organization
SDOScheduled Day Off
SDOSurface dans Oeuvre (French: Work Surface)
SDOSuper Distributed Object
SDOStaff Development Officer
SDOScheda Dimissione Ospedaliera (Italian)
SDOSenior Defense Official
SDOSwitch Diversity Option
SDOStamp Distribution Office (US Postal Service)
SDOSudden Death Overtime
SDOSigned Data Object
SDOSilent Death Online
SDOSolenoid Driver Output
SDOShared Data Object
SDOSupply Depot Operations
SDOSeries Doubled Obverse (coin collecting)
SDOStandards Developing/Development Organization
SDOAerolineas Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (ICAO code)
SDOShip Development Objective
SDOStormwater Discharge Outfall
SDOSpecial Duty Only
SDOSamo Development Organisation (Somalia)
SDOSpeedometer Drive Output
SDOSupport for Diplomatic Operations (Intelligence)
SDOSystem Development Operations
SDOSolution Delivery Officer (supply chain management)
SDOShip's Debarkation Officer
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They are part of Rogue Wave[R] Hydra Suite, the first generally available high-performance SOA development environment that supports and complements key concepts of the Service Component Architecture or SCA specification, which incorporates service data objects as a key foundational technology.
The standardized Service Data Object (SDO) API allows developers to expose heterogeneous data sources, allowing it to be used as a service.
The company is also an active member of the OASIS and Open SOA consortiums contributing to the Service Data Objects (SDO 1, 2 and 3) and Data Access Service (DAS) specifications.
Open CSA will promote the further development and adoption of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) families of specifications, which will be provided to the community on a Royalty Free basis.
Service Data Objects (SDO) is the only industry specification designed for data access in a SOA environment.
Rogue Wave Hydra also supports the Service Component Architecture or SCA specification and is the first high-performance SOA development framework that complements key concepts of the SCA architecture, including cross-platform components, tightly-and loosely-coupled service components, Web service standards, BPEL and Service Data Objects (SDO).
The Rogue Wave Hydra Suite is composed of a high-performance SOA development framework, runtime and components that mirror key concepts of the SCA architecture, including cross-platform components and support for local services at native execution speeds as well as remote service invocations, Web service standards, Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and Service Data Objects (SDO).
Service data objects (SDO) allow developers access to data from multiple disparate sources and formats by exposing each data source through a standardized SDO Application Programming Interface (API).
Rogue Wave Hydra is the first production-ready high-performance SOA development framework and runtime that supports and complements key concepts of the SCA architecture, including cross-platform components, tightly-and loosely-coupled service components, Web service standards, BPEL and Service Data Objects (SDO).
For example, Service Data Objects (SDOs) defined in the Adabas SOA Gateway can be tested, versioned and maintained in an open source Concurrent Version System (CVS) repository.
Announced on November 30, 2005, SCA is a programming model designed to simplify the development of creating business services and includes an update to the Service Data Objects (SDO) specification for accessing data residing in multiple locations and formats.
Applications developed with Versata 6 can expose transactions and services as standard web services, or as stateless session beans, and can optionally use the built-in Service Data Objects (JSR235) support.
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