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SLEPService Life Extension Program (US)
SLEPSarnia Lambton Economic Partnership (Canada)
SLEPSecondary Level English Proficiency (Educational Testing Service)
SLEPShelf Life Extension Program
SLEPService Life Enhancement Program
SLEPState and Local Exercise Program (US FEMA)
SLEPStockpile Life Extension Program
SLEPShuttle Life Extension Program
SLEPShip Life Extension Program
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In May, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Aviation and the USAF awarded a Pacer Pharaoh Program support contract to GE Aviation valued at more than $79 million for Engine Structural Integrity Program (ENSIP) repair and Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) upgrade of F110-100A and B engines to the F110-100C.
The military contractor said the two-year deal calls for new ATACMS rounds, as well as upgrading several previous-variant ATACMS as part of the Service Life Extension Program. Both will be produced at Lockheed Martin's Precision Fires Production Center of Excellence in Camden.
In the second quarter Boeing said it saw the induction of the first Super Hornet into a service life extension program that will eventually see Boeing working on 40 to 50 F/A-18s per year in its facilities in St.
Army's ATACMS Service Life Extension Program, the modernization process disassembles and demilitarizes ATACMS Block 1 and 1A submunition warheads, replacing them with new unitary warheads and bringing them into compliance with Department of Defense policy on cluster munitions.
The Landing Craft Utility boats, first fielded in 1990, are slated for major electronic upgrades as part of a service life extension program. A competition for that contract is expected to kick off at the end of fiscal year 2017.
The aircraft has undergone several modifications and a service life extension program extending the Greyhound's service life through 2028.
Force level for carriers and multipurpose amphibious assault ships and group level for cruisers and guided missile destroyers accessed the Defense Satellite Communications System with the AN/WSC-6 SATCOM terminal to a DSCS III Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) satellite that operated strictly in the X-band portion of the RF spectrum, for at most a T1 (1.544 megabytes per second (Mbps) to E1 (2.048 Mbps) data rate.
To preserve the aging fighter jets, IWST implemented two programs to maintain supportability: the Service Life Assessment Program (SLAP), which provides comprehensive engineering analysis to assess the life of the airframe, and the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP), which provides structural life extension through reworks and inspections.
Air Force is conducting fatigue tests on Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) F-15C/D/Es to assess whether the aircraft are suitable for a service life extension program (SLEP).
The group also doubles the life of the A-10 Thunderbolt II through the service life extension program. You'd think that since the Air Force is adding another I 10,000 flight hours to the A-10's life that the group would spare no cost to make that happen.
Program/Project -- Landing Craft, Air Cushion Service Life Extension Program, Amphibious Warfare Program (PMS377), program executive office, ships
In March 2003, it institutionalized a Space Shuttle Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) to ensure safe and effective operations, along with a management plan documenting roles and responsibilities and an annual process for selecting upgraded projects and studies.
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