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STOStore (calculator function)
STOSubject to Offer
STOStar Trek Online (video game)
STOService to Others
STOSecurity Token Offering (finance)
STOSafe Torque Off
STOSell to Open (investing; trading)
STOShort Takeoff
STOStating the Obvious
STOSecurity Through Obscurity
STOSvetovne Trgovinske Organizacije (Slovenian: World Trade Organization)
STOSpecial Technical Operations
STOState Treasurer's Office (California)
STOStock Transfer Order (inter-company movement of stock)
STOSchool Tuition Organization
STOStrategic Technology Office (DARPA)
STOState Transfer Object
STOSql Tuning Optimizer
STOSpecial Touring Option
STOStub Object File
STOSecure Transport Object
STOSynch Timeout
STOSegment Table Origin
STOSymbol Timing Offset
STOSociété de Transport de l'Outaouais (French)
STOShort-Term Observers
STOSurface-to-Orbit (rockets)
STOSports Therapy Organisation
STOSplit Training Option
STOSick Time Off (various organizations)
STOSoldiers of the One (Caprica TV series)
STOScheduled Time Off
STOSensor Technology Office (DARPA)
STOSaint Olaf College (Northfield, MN)
STOState Tourism Organization (various locations)
STOSlater Type Orbital
STOSpace Tasking Order
STOSpace Today Online (website)
STOSurvive to Operate (US air defense; force protection)
STOStandard Training Operation
STOStock Transport Order
STOSpecial Tactics Officer (US Air Force)
STOScience & Technology Objective
STOSpace Tornado Ogawa (wrestling move)
STOState and Territory Tourism Organisations (Australia)
STOStrontium Titanate Oxide
STOSolar Terrestrial Observatory
STOSystems Test Officer (US Navy)
STOStandard Transfer Order
STOSystem Test Operations
STOSales to Order
STOSouthern Truck Outfitters (Alabama)
STOState Traffic Officer
STOSubstitute Teachers Online
STOStandard Training Order (military)
STOSub Task Order
STOShad Taking Over (wrestling move; Shad Gaspard)
STOStatutory Tour Officer
STOStudent Training Officer
STOSurface-to-air-missile Tactical Order
STOSubmarine Task Order
STOShutdown Turnaround Outages (Best Management Practices)
STOSimultaneous Test and Operations (US DoD)
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"We wanted to engage youth through a wide array of interactive learning modules, including computer-based activities and volunteerism, which encourage them to practice nonviolence and to pursue a life of service to others," says Banks, 43.
The gospel is clearly the foundation for Israel's vocation--"priestly kingdom," "holy nation." While Yahweh's grace in rescuing Israel is the motivation for all of Israel's life, that life of thanksgiving, priesthood, intercession, and service to others is the pattern for "holy living."
Without Giving Yourself Away (originally published by Innisfree Press in 2002) will introduce an expanded audience of readers to the necessity and technique of tending to their own needs while giving of themselves in service to others. Giving from the deepest self in ways that nurture rather than deplete is essential to balancing self-esteem and selflessness.
Remington cites Mother Teresa to make her point that, in order to be passionate about your personal vocation, you have to be involved in meaningful service to others. She quotes from St.
Most important of all was getting along with fellow campers and developing an appreciation for service to others. Service was a strong ethic passed down through both the Farnsworth and the Gulick families, who were known for their missionary work (in Turkey and Hawaii, respectively) and for their pioneering work in the American camp experience.
A century of service to others was celebrated in Ashington today.
"He's always been there in service to others rather than himself.
According to a spokesman for the Prime Minister, "A key aim had been to reward those who worked and served at the sharp end--people who had really changed things, or who had given outstanding service to others in difficult situations."
The Tuss McLaughry Award, established in 1964, honors distinguished Americans for their service to others. It is named in honor of DeOrmond "Tuss" McLaughry, the first full-time secretary-treasurer of the AFCA and one of the most dedicated and influential members in the history of the Association.
Service learning builds pride, engages students' natural curiosity to promote learning, and builds a strong understanding that service to others is truly the meaning of a well-rounded education.
Dort's life was marked by deep faith, unbounded enthusiasm, abounding joy and dedicated service to others, both in the church and in her profession of nursing.
It is within the organization that most providers utilize their talents and find self-expression in service to others.