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SDVIService-Disabled Veterans Insurance
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If you qualify for the S-DVI, with a new service-connected disability, the VA will send you Form 29-4364, Application for Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance, along with a pamphlet that will show all policies.
The first step is to ask yourself, Am I eligible for Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance? To qualify you must meet all these criteria: (1) be under age 65, (2) have been awarded a new service-connected disability rating within the last two years, and (3) be insurable except for service-connected disabilities.
* Under legislation recently signed by President Bush, the eligibility period for applying for Service-disabled Veterans Insurance (SDVI) has been extended.
PVA will pursue a legislative initiative that would increase the available maximum face value of Service-disabled Veterans Insurance policies for those policyholders whose premiums have been waived due to total disability.
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