SESCSoil Erosion and Sediment Control
SESCServico Social do Comercio (Brazil)
SESCSecurities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (Bank of Japan)
SESCSoftware Engineering Standards Committee (IEEE)
SESCSuperficial Esophageal Squamous-Cell Carcinoma
SESCSGN Eurisys Services Corp
SESCShip Electric System Control
SESCSite Evaluation Steering Committee
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Phase III: Determining the Psychometric Properties of SESC
A Reserva Particular do Patrimonio Natural SESC Pantanal e uma unidade de conservacao que se enquadra na categoria de Uso Sustentavel, prevista pelo SNUC.
L'article releve du travail des organisations de la societe civile envers ces refugies, en particulier l'effort du SESC (Service Social du Commerce), une institution sui generis d'action socioculturelie en Amerique Latine.
We just started, and some regulations have to be amended," said Minami, whose fund also ran into trouble with the SESC when it was accused of falsifying board meeting minutes.
The TSE and the SESC will lodge an accusation with the Tokyo District Prosecutors Office if they find evidence supporting suspicions that investment funds in Hong Kong are cooperating with speculators in Japan in illegally manipulating prices, the sources said.
The SESC cannot decide punishments, but it can recommend to the Financial Reconstruction Commission and Financial Supervisory Agency that action be taken against institutions found to have broken financial regulations.
Organizations that apply the SESC standards do so without compulsion, using them for a variety of reasons.
The "root cause" was identified by the SESC as "insufficiency of measures ensuring internal control in the process of downsizing the divisions, such as the internal control division."
ASSOCIAQAO CULTURAL VIDEOBRASIL and SESC SAO PAULO * October 6-December 6 * Curated by Solange Farkas, Bitu Cassunde, Bernardo de Souza, Joao Laia, and Julia Rebougas
The Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC) of Japan is investigating Deutsche Bank to determine if it provided excessive entertainment to Japanese pension fund executives, according to a media report.
The SESC intends to recommend that the Financial Services Agency fine the former Chuo Mitsui Asset Trust for alleged insider trading by its fund manager over a new share issue by Mizuho Financial Group Inc.