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SESIASummary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
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8 % in rice fields and water meadows in the Sesia Natural Park (Italy), 22.
She alleges that she herself was later summoned to a meeting and informed that Sesia reportedly wanted her to "change her hairstyle, to lose weight" because he was "ashamed of Bovrisse's ugliness, so he doesn't want visitors from Italy to see her".
The anti-immigration mayor of the northern Italian city of Varallo Sesia has also barred Muslim women from wearing the swimsuit, on pain of a fine of 500 euros ($700) if spotted at swimming pools or riversides.
Women wearing the garment made up of a veil, a tunic and loose leggings face a fine of e1/4500 ($700) if spotted at swimming pools or riversides in the northern Piedmont town of Varallo Sesia, the ANSA news agency reported.
Real in-situ measurement and rock sampling for laboratory measurement were carried out in the southern part of Balmuccia massif at a flat outcrop of the lherzolite in the Sesia River Valley, between Balmuccia and Isola villages (Fig.
Reach and reported impact of specific TV programmes Viewer reported impact: Per cent of viewers who say they Overall reported have personally impact: Per cent Reported reach: learned a lot of all youth who Per cent who about HIV and watch and say they say they have related sexual have learned a lot ever watched behaviours from about HIV from each programme programme programme Higher reach, higher impact Soul City 72% 91% 65% Soul Buddyz 55% 83% 46% Tsha Tsha 57% 72% 41% Zola 7 74% 55% 40% Higher reach, lower impact Generations 81% 29% 24% Zone 14 59% 35% 21% Isidingo 52% 42% 22% Lower reach, higher impact Take 5 40% 67% 27% Siyanqoba 22% 86% 19% Heart Lines 22% 73% 16% Lower reach, lower impact 7 de Laan 40% 25% 10% City Sesia 9% 41% 4% Source: Young South Africans.
In that version rivers later deleted, such as the Naviglio, the Sesia and the Po, are also included.
Between 1565 and 1581 they employed local endowments for the creation not only of a main seminary at Novara but also of minor seminaries at Varallo in the Sesia valley and the Island of San Giulio on Lake Orta.
Delighted Gianluca Buonanno, the mayor of Serravalle Sesia, in Italy, said: "Motorists can't be sure whether he is real or not until they're almost on top of him - and it's brought work to local carpenters and artists.
The Po undergoes a dramatic change when it is joined by the River Sesia just beyond the town of Casale.
Principal battles: Genoa (1507); Guinegate (Enguinegatte, near Saint-Omer) (1513); Marignano (Melegnano) (1515); Sesia River (1524); Pavia (1525).
Contract notice: Works to increase the efficiency of the irrigation system of derivation in right sesia for municipal and irrigation ditches marchionale of gattinara - i and ii lot excerpt (cig: 1134913fd1 and 632019236e).