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SETSet (assembly language directive)
SETDriver Set (file name extension)
SETStock Exchange of Thailand
SETScience, Engineering and Technology
SETSony Entertainment Television
SETImage Settings (file name extension)
SETSpecial Education Technology
SETScience Education and Technology
SETSelf-Employment Tax
SETSecure Electronic Transaction
SETSecondary Education Teaching
SETSafety Education and Training
SETStudent Evaluation of Teaching (various schools)
SETSelf Evaluation Tool
SETSelf-Employment Training
SETSingle Embryo Transfer (fertility treatment)
SETSystem Engineering Team
SETSerotonin Transporter
SETSoftware Engineering Technology
SETSenior Executive Team
SETSocial Events Team (various organizations)
SETStora Enso Timber (Finland and Sweden)
SETState Education Tax
SETSingle-Electron Transistor
SETSocial Exchange Theory
SETSingle Ended Triode (topology in tube amplifiers)
SETScience and Engineering Technology (USACE)
SETSafety Environment Technology
SETSingle Ended Terminated
SETSelf Expanding Trunk
SETSound Editing Tool
SETSettings File
SETSpecial Edition Turbo
SETSecurity Enhancement Tool
SETSustainable Energy Technology (various organizations)
SETSpecial Enforcement Team
SETSociété, Environnement, Territoire (French: Company, Environment, Land; laboratory)
SETSouth Eastern Trains (UK)
SETSource Evaluation Team (various organizations)
SETSingle-Electron Tunneling
SETSingle-Electron Transfer
SETSecure Encryption Technology
SETScanner Enhancement Technology
SETSoutheast Toyota Distributors, LLC
SETSecure Electronic Transaction LLC
SETSecure Electronic Transfer
SETSingle Event Transient (electronics in space)
SETSubmarine Escape Training
SETSimilarity-Enhanced Transfer
SETSociety of Engineering Technologists
SETSpace Education Trust (UK; est. 1988)
SETSenior Engineering Team
SETStep Envelope Tracking (microwave theory)
SETSkin Endpoint Titration
SETSecurity Escort Team
SETLaboratoire Systèmes et Transports (French: Laboratory Systems and Transport; Montbeliard, France)
SETSpace Environment Technologies
SETSpace Environment Testbed
SETInstitute for System Design Technology (GMD, Germany)
SETSenior English Test (English as a foreign language qualification)
SETSoftware Engineering Technician
SETSpecialized English Training
SETSystème Etude Technique (French: Technical Study System; educational technology company)
SETSociété d'Equipement de la Touraine (French: Touraine Development Company)
SETSystem Embedded Training
SETStudent Education and Training Plans
SETSciences de l'Environnement Terrestre (French: Environmental Land Science)
SETStandard d'Echange et de Transfer
SETSituational Emergency Training
SETSimultaneous Engineering Technology
SETSimple End-point Terminal (H.323)
SETSolar Energy Thermionic (JPL program)
SETSystem Engineering Testbed
SETSpecial Evaluation Tests
SETSkills Evaluator Trainer
SETSeal Encoding Technology (anti-fraud technology from EnSeal Systems Ltd.)
SETSanctuary Enforcement Team
SETSynchronous Encodings in Tandem
SETSocial Enrichment Training
SETSquad Engagement Trainer
SETSelective Electronic Test
SETSuperconducting Electronically Tunable
SETSt Charles, Mo - St Charles County Smartt Airport
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4, to connect to Listening Server and Timestamping Server, Administrator Panel uses Connection Settings file. After the connection is available, access information stored in the Cryptolog Database on the Listening Server is used to access the system.
Then your list will be there when you reload the settings file in the future.
You can change all configuration items, of course, but though you can save a Settings file, it's unclear what gets saved, since none of my custom configuration items reappeared when I reloaded the settings file.
On both Macs and PCs, your next step is to set a "control panel" or "settings file" to be sure the computer is using the mic-in or audio-in connector instead of its internal CD-ROM drive as the device for audio input.
DynaComm allows up to 32 functionkey macros to be defined for each script (or settings file).
Also available to download, and also available free of charge, is the settings file for Bingo Card Printer, which can be used to customize the bingo cards, or to produce larger sets of Diamond Jubilee bingo cards.
A new Java application assisting administrators in configuring the settings file needed by the 2X Java client on web servers
It features color processing with a 12-channel color matrix adjustment, freeze frame, five user-programmable settings files, and can be controlled remotely through RS-232.
Five user-configurable settings files are available to support various operating modes and ambient conditions.
The game's configuration settings files revealed that the Microsoft Xbox 360 version of GTA 5 Online would support up to 32 players at a time.
Preferences for Smart Image are stored within the InDesign document itself, making styles based on user, company, or project easy to manage without copying settings files between computers.