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TSETSetup Time
TSETTobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (Oklahoma)
TSETTranscultural Self-Efficacy Tool (nursing)
TSETTechnical Specialist Education and Training (UK)
TSETThe Structure of Evolutionary Theory (Stephen Jay Gould book)
TSETTransnational Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking (Australian Federal Police; Canberra, Australian Capital Territory; Australia)
TSETTransmit Signal Element Timing (computing)
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Veeraraghavan and Li have shown that with hardware-accelerated signalling engines, the IFOB method is a better option to keep end-to-end LSP setup time low [6].
The project, "Intelligent Adaptive Machining Fixtures for Castings (IAMFixR),"wih develop a set of methods and a software enabler, called IAMFixR, to reduce the setup time for machining large castings and fabrications and eliminate scrapping these high value parts by capturing piece to piece dimensional variability prior to machining with little or no setup time.
Muna Al Hashemi, CEO at Batelco Bahrian, said that the service will improve customer experience by enabling simultaneous HD voice calls and video with faster call setup time.
According to Sandvik, the cutter can contribute to a cost-per-part reduction of up to 30% and because of the way inserts are readily adjusted, a setup time reduction on the order of 66%.
Cole-Parmer's Catalyst by Masterflex FH Series peristaltic pumps, which features three different models, reduces setup time. The integrated pump and drive systems arrive fully assembled and ready to run.
A library of 24 common shapes minimises programming and setup time.
Indeed, returning an off server or an off router to its on state requires spending a nonnegligible amount of setup time that makes the server or router slower to respond to customer requests.
A single, intuitive software programming environment reduces machine and safety setup time, while an auto configuration restart function eliminates the need for tools or software to exchange I/O hardware.