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SAPSysteme, Anwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung (German: Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing; SAP AG)
SAPSatisfactory Academic Progress
SAPSystems Applications and Products (data processing)
SAPSession Announcement Protocol
SAPStudent Assistance Program
SAPStandard Assessment Procedure (energy cost measurement; UK)
SAPSubstance Abuse Professional
SAPSoon As Possible
SAPSingle Assessment Process
SAPSystems and Programming (various companies)
SAPSpecial Access Program (US DoD)
SAPSouth Asia Partnership (Canada)
SAPSociety for Applied Philosophy (est. 1982)
SAPSuper Absorbent Polymer
SAPSociedad Argentina de Pediatria (Spanish: Argentina Society of Pediatrics)
SAPSanta Paula (Amtrak station code; Santa Paula, CA)
SAPService Advertising Protocol (Novell NetWare)
SAPService Access Point
SAPSíndrome de Alienación Parental (Spanish: Parental Alienation Syndrome)
SAPSecurity Architecture Professional
SAPSocially Awkward Penguin
SAPStandards of Academic Progress (various schools)
SAPSouth African Police
SAPSelf-Assessment Program
SAPSimple As Possible (computer science)
SAPSystems and Procedures
SAPSecond Audio Program
SAPSafety Assessment Program (various organizations)
SAPSt. Anthony Park (Minnesota)
SAPSoftware Application Performance
SAPSchool Age Program
SAPSIM Access Profile (Bluetooth service)
SAPStabilisation and Association Process (EU)
SAPState Action Plan
SAPStructural Adjustment Program (International Monetary Fund)
SAPScientific Advisory Panel
SAPSim Access Profile
SAPStandard Administration Procedures
SAPSignaling Access Point
SAPStand Alone Printer
SAPSoftware Access Point
SAPStreaming Audio Player
SAPStreet Appearance Package
SAPService Advertising Protocol
SAPSystem Assist Processor
SAPSecure Audio Path
SAPStructural Adjustment Program
SAPSecondary Audio Program
SAPSampling and Analysis Plan
SAPSubatomic Particles
SAPSave America (Americans) Plan
SAPSecondary Audio Programming
SAPStrategic Alliance Partnership (various organizations)
SAPSustainable Agriculture Program (various organizations)
SAPStatutory Adoption Pay (UK)
SAPSouth African Party
SAPShrimp Alkaline Phosphatase
SAPSuperior Articular Process
SAPStrategic Action Programme
SAPStatistical Analysis Plan
SAPSecurity Assistance Program
SAPStatutory Accounting Practices
SAPSerum Alkaline Phosphatase
SAPSLAM-Associated Protein
SAPStation Area Plan (various locations)
SAPSeafarers' Assistance Programme
SAPSecurity Action Plan
SAPSevere Acute Pancreatitis
SAPServer Application Programming
SAPSummer Arts Program (various locations)
SAPSubstituted Accounting Period (various locations)
SAPSystemic Arterial Pressure
SAPSpecial Assistant to the President
SAPStrong Anthropic Principle
SAPStructural Analysis Program
SAPSentencing Advisory Panel (UK)
SAPSpecial Assistance Plan
SAPSocial Action Programme
SAPSuperior Air Parts
SAPStructural Adjustment Policy
SAPSan Antonio Police
SAPSocialdemokratiska Arbetarepartiet (Social democratic workers party, political party, Sweden)
SAPStable Angina Pectoris
SAPSystem against People
SAPSynapse-Associated Protein
SAPSecure Audio Path (Microsoft Windows)
SAPService Access Protocol
SAPStable Abstractions Principle
SAPStandard Automated Perimetry (visual field testing)
SAPSimulated Annealing Procedure
SAPSlovak Academic Press
SAPSchool Action Plus
SAPSeparate Audio Program
SAPSoftware Acquisition Process
SAPStatements of Administration Policy (USA)
SAPSchweizer Automatik Pool (German: Swiss Automatic Pool; Switzerland)
SAPSystem Application Programming
SAPSymbolic Assembler Program
SAPSystem Application Products
SAPSymbolic Assembly Program
SAPSales Action Plan
SAPSecreted Aspartyl Proteinase
SAPStrategic Action Planning
SAPStandard Application Program
SAPScience Activity Planner (US NASA; satellite data tool)
SAPSanduhr Anzeige Programm (German software)
SAPSimplified Acquisition Procedure
SAPSystems Analysis and Program Development
SAPState Administration Plan (emergency management)
SAPSuper Absorbent Powder
SAPSeasonal Attribution Project (climate change)
SAPSafety Assessment Principles
SAPSoftware Aus Polen
SAPSozialistische Arbeiter Partei (pre-Hitler Germany)
SAPSupplier Audit Program
SAPSociety of Afghan Professionals (Fremont, CA)
SAPSingle Electronic Access Point (trade)
SAPSlum Aid Project (Uganda)
SAPSan Pedro Sula, Honduras - La Mesa (Airport Code)
SAPSmart Amazing Phone (HTC)
SAPService Access Provider
SAPService Announcement Protocol
SAPSoftware Aus Pakistan
SAPSpousal Abuser Prosecution (California)
SAPSociology Anthropology Psychology (courses)
SAPSolution Area Planner
SAPSystemanalyse And Programmentwicklung
SAPSafe Arrival Point (police incident code; New Zealand)
SAPSecurity Advance Party
SAPSapropels and Paleoceanography
SAPSuffer After Purchase
SAPSpecific Amplicon Polymorphism
SAPSegment Addition Postulate
SAPSystems Applications Procedures
SAPSchreibs Auf Papier (German)
SAPSociété Angevine de Philosophie (French: Angevine Company Philosophy)
SAPStrategic Advantage Profile
SAPSonic and Pals (webcomic)
SAPService Assurance Process (Sprint)
SAPSoftware Acquisition Planning
SAPSystem Acquisition Plan
SAPSintered Aluminum Product
SAPSub Area Policy (city planning)
SAPSerial Audio Port
SAPSegmentation Application Part
SAPShorted Annular Patch Antenna
SAPShip Acquisition Plan
SAPSpatial Adaptive Processing
SAPSolar Array Paddle
SAPShallow Angle Photolithography
SAPStandard Accounting Practice/Procedure
SAPSpecial Applications Procedure (Cisco)
SAPSystolic Array Processing
SAPSafety Assurance Principles
SAPSystem Application Procedure
SAPSurvivable Adaptive Planning
SAPSalary Attendance Profile
SAPSoftware Architecture Plan
SAPStatements on Administration Policy (US DOT)
SAPSite Activity Plan
SAPService Access Program
SAPShip Alteration Proposal
SAPSystems Authorization Plan
SAPSteel and Allied Products Ltd
SAPSociety Against Playstation (promotional campaign)
SAPSituation Awareness Picture
SAPSvenska Arbetar Partiet (Swedish Social Democratic Party)
SAPSecure Agreement Protocol
SAPSprint Application Platform
SAPSolomon: As Pilot (band)
SAPSync Alignment Protocol
SAPSystem/Ship Acquisition Plan
SAPSave All Paper (recycling slogan)
SAPSpecial Additional Precautions
SAPSurface Attack Permit (US Navy)
SAPSale of Adjudicated Properties
SAPSystem Alarm Panel (security)
SAPServicios Automotrices Profesionales (Guatemala, work shop)
SAPSimultaneously Accessible Parts
SAPSonar Audio Panel
SAPSpecial Applications Program (Sprint)
SAPScouting Amphibian Plan (United State Coast Guard)
SAPSingle Auf Partnersuche (German)
SAPServices Administratifs Proteck
SAPStart Aid Post
SAPSystems Assurance Programmer (British Airways)
SAPSenior Authorised Engineer (electric power industry; UK)
SAPStatefull Addressing Protocol
SAPSuspended Acoustical Panel (ceiling)
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It is a complex process in which pancreatic enzyme activation causes local pancreatic damage, resulting in an acute inflammatory response.5 The individual patient's response to pancreatic injury is highly variable and often unpredictable.5 Most of the time auto digestion of pancreas is mild and self-limiting but in 20% to 30% cases it develop severe disease that can progress to SIRS, MODS and death.6 According to Atlanta classification (2012) severe acute pancreatitis is defined as acute pancreatitis with persistent organ failure more than > 48 hours.
In Japan, a large-scale epidemiological survey has been conducted since the 1980s, and increases in the number of patients and the incidence of severe acute pancreatitis have been reported (1).
According to the severity, acute pancreatitis is divided into mild acute pancreatitis (Absence of organ failure and local or systemic complications, moderately severe acute pancreatitis (No organ failure or transient organ failure less than 48 hours with or without local complications) and severe acute pancreatitis (Persistent organ failure more than 48 hours that may involve one or multiple organs).
Card9 gene silencing with siRNA protects rats against severe acute pancreatitis: Card9-dependent NF-[kappa]B and p38MAPKs pathway.
Martinez et al., "Factors predicting mortality in severe acute pancreatitis," Pancreatology, vol.
The percentage of severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) in the HTGP group was higher than that in the ABP group (40.0% versus 0%).
Protective effects of heme oxygenase-1 against severe acute pancreatitis via inhibition of tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] and augmentation of interleukin-10.
Prevalence and predictors of severe acute pancreatitis in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).
Describing computed tomography findings in severe acute pancreatitis using morphologic terms: a multidisciplinary, international interobserver agreement study.
A normal CT in this group of patients virtually excludes the diagnosis of clinically severe acute pancreatitis.
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